The Hubble Space Telescope is down

The venerable Hubble Space Telescope has been closed since Sunday, June 11th due to a computer failure. According to NASA, a defective memory module is the cause of the problem.

“For more than 30 years, the Hubble Space Telescope has sent us extraordinary images and data about our universe. But the spacecraft is no longer so small.”And the Note the location cnet.

The site explains that a defective memory module caused the computer that controls the telescope’s scientific instruments to sleep. The unit was manufactured in the 1980s, and NASA has not yet been able to restart it, or switch to a backup unit.

After more than three decades of dedicated service, Hubble regularly shows signs of fatigue. A software issue put the telescope on standby for several days last March.

However, it is still a formidable observing instrument and scientists depend on it more than ever, awaiting the commissioning of a new generation space telescope, James Webb, “Older Brother” An improvement from Hubble.

Its release, which has been repeatedly postponed, is now planned “End of 2021”Cnet says.

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