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BioWare and Electronic Arts have brought new news to players of the online multiplayer game Star Wars: The Old Republic, announcing the arrival of a new expansion that will take the title “Legacy of the Sith”, as the first step for the game’s 10th anniversary celebrations, which will begin to introduce changes Big all year 2022.

With this new expansion, “Star Wars: The Old Republic” will introduce players to a new mission to hunt down Sith Lord Darth Malgus, as well as introduce them to the planet Manaan, which has already appeared in the franchise.

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Perhaps one of the most significant changes to appear in “Star Wars: The Old Republic” will be through the game system and mechanics, increasing the maximum bar level between each player to 80, thus increasing an additional five levels. A new series of side quests will also be implemented, as well as a new “bright spot”.

Team Bioware noted in a press release that “Star Wars: The Old Republic” will feature a new section called “Combat Styles,” which allows each player to choose the story of a specific class for their character, and combine them with skill sets belonging to others’ techniques or power manipulation, enabling Allows for greater customization of each character.

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“Existing, new and old players will be able to focus on improving and creating their next Star Wars character through the enhanced character creation system. In addition, upgrades to gear and item experiences, along with an improved classroom layout, will be part of the future of Star Wars: The Old.” Republic”, concluded the press release.

So far, the BioWare team hasn’t revealed an official release date for “Legacy of the Sith” that only indicates an estimated release window for the end of 2021. However, the next version of the EA Play demo could provide new details about it. expansion. “Star Wars: The Old Republic” is currently available to players on PC.

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