The silent rise of Edoardo, the Queen's last born-
From Enrica Rodolfo

At the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Awards in Edinburgh and the launch of Platinum Walkway in Birmingham, as well as Elizabeth’s new line: Safe Shoulder for the Queen

Discreet, never over the top. Very active. Prince Edward, the Queen’s youngest son, is proving to be the firm shoulder an elderly mother can always lean on since Prince Philip died a year ago. It is no coincidence that he was there – Earl of Wessex: this is his joint title with Sophie, Countess of Wessex – on a weekend in Edinburgh to present the Duke of Edinburgh’s Golden Awards, the awards that bear and honor Prince Philip. On behalf of the Scottish city.

And with his wife Sophie, he was still there to welcome the Queen on her arrival in Scotland on Royal Week, as Earl and Countess of Forfar: A title they have had via Royal Concession since 2019 and which they use when they are in Scotland. Once again, it was Eduardo who accompanied Elizabeth on the opening day at the end of May for the new Underground line dedicated to the rule of records: the New Elizabeth Line connecting London. Indeed, in the event of a loss by the Queen, it was expected that it would be up to him to cut the ribbon.

Always front row on jubilee days in June, the new Birmingham Trail opened a week ago With historian Hugo Vickers on the occasion of the Platinum Jubilee. Approaching the Platinum Jubilee, a historic landmark, it was natural to think of naming this 22-kilometre route touching 20 Birmingham points of interest: Platinum Walkway – explains to courier Vickers, who is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Commonwealth Walkway Trust – . Forty-five years ago on the occasion of the silver jubilee of Elizabeth, the first pass through London was launched. The fact that this jubilee year also coincides with the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games means that the city’s new phase itinerary becomes an opportunity for everyone to discover the city.

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A project that aims, in the spirit of “Commonwealth Paths”, to connect the various Commonwealth Territories From Africa to the Caribbean, and you want to help raise awareness of local culture and history – continues Vickers -. Edward? This is our 100th “walk” and I’m really honored that the prince cut the ribbon: Eduardo, who unveiled the new project in Birmingham in recent months, has confirmed it’s one of the safest shoulders the Queen can lean on. He and his wife Sophie work for the Crown when the Queen asks for their help, always without looking for the spotlight.

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