The step of spying on the Chinese forces

Agreements in the defense and energy sectors. In addition to the confirmed and implicit common will to strengthen relations to limit the rise of China in the Indo-Pacific region. United State And India They strengthened them partnership On several fronts, sharing the same global strategic priorities. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Joe Biden hosted him at the White House, where an important meeting took place between the two. Not only because it was Modi’s first trip to the United States since he became the leader of India, but also and above all because of the results obtained.

Among the various agreements recorded, the spotlight was on that of New Delhi’s purchase of about thirty agreements Mq-9b drones updated, in part for use in high-altitude operations along Himalayan borders, the same disputed and shared with Beijing. The deal should bring into Washington’s coffers an amount equal to approx $3 billion. Money well invested, in the eyes of the Indian government, given that the aircraft would mostly be used to patrol the vast areas bordering the Sino-Indian border in search of any enemy troop movements.

Drone agreement between the United States and India

Until a few years ago, India relied heavily on human patrols to guard its disputed borders. situation changed in 2020When a clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers cooled relations between Delhi and Beijing, it prompted both sides to increase the deployment of troops, weapons and surveillance equipment. Of course, India is not a security ally of the United States, but the two countries share a deep mistrust of Beijing.

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This means specialization cooperation Among them are the exchange of information, arms sales and joint production of weapons. From this point of view, half of the Mq-9b UAVs should be delivered to Indian Navywhile the rest will be used by the military andIndian Air Force for surveillance along the Sino-Indian border.

The purchase shows India’s increasingly determined efforts to keep a close eye on the border, as it faces a well-equipped adversary. In short, India faces the difficult task of closely guarding the border to avoid being shocked by the next Chinese moves. New Delhi already operates dozens of domestically and Israeli-made drones, many with advanced sensors and cameras, and also uses satellite images To track Dragon’s activities in border areas, obtain information on rival forces, weapons deployments and infrastructure.

The meeting between Modi and Biden

The India-US defense partnership demonstrates the mutual trust and shared strategic priorities between the two countries. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said this clearly during a press conference at the White House with Biden. “Our relationship includes technology transfer and greater cooperation with regard to industrial development and production,” he said, in a positive evaluation of the memorandum of understanding signed by the American General Electric Aerospace Company and the Hindustan Aeronautics Company Limited to produce engines for combat aircraft of the Indian Air Force. “that it Historic agreementWhich paves the way for new job opportunities in both countries and will give a new impetus to our cooperation in the security field in the coming years.

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“We are two great countries, two great friends, and two great powers,” Biden added, with one of the “most decisive partnerships of the twenty-first century” and “the strongest, closest and most dynamic of all time,” referring to the relations between India and the United States. By the way, Modi’s visit falls within a scope Diplomatic cloth The American president is weaving to strengthen alliances against China and Russia.

After a few thorns over the issue of rights, the US and India signed an agreement on drones and one for Indian land production. F414 engines For new fighters manufactured by General Electric, which provides for the sharing of top-secret technology and strengthens the link between the two countries’ defenses. US giant Micron will invest $800 million in a semiconductor plant in Modi state, Gujarat, with the aim of diversifying the supply chain in this sector by removing it from Chinese dependence. More than 2 billion of the investment will come from Indian companies. A space cooperation agreement is also planned for a mission to the International Space Station and for Artemis, the project to return man to the moon.

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