Born in the United States in 1822 to a family of slaves, Araminda Rose did not know what freedom meant.

One day, she sees three sisters being sold! She promises to go north to a country where slavery is banned. As an adult, he changes his first name to Harriet in memory of his mother. She manages to escape and then she helps others find this freedom!

The collection “Small to Large” aims to introduce young readers to the lives of bold and inspiring women who mark their time. After Marie Curie, Amelia Airhart, Ella Fitzgerald and Rosa Parks – to name a few – watching the story of the famous and inevitable Harriet Dupman unfold.

Addiction explained to children

Addiction is certainly not an obvious topic to discuss with children, but it is necessary; We need to talk about that. The real story of Harriet Dupman (she married John Dupman in 1844) thus becomes a history of slavery, African Americans and blacks, but also a great way to talk about freedom and hope.

The young reader begins by learning about the young Harriet in her childhood, which allows her to fully understand everything she lived, the actions she took, and everything that led to her transformation into this woman. Bold and inspiring. As an adult, when Harriet escapes to North America, this new freedom makes her even stronger: she then dedicates her life to returning to find her brothers and sisters and all the other slaves. Need his help.

Kudos to the author for this accurate, touching and powerful portrait of this woman who continues to inspire African Americans in the struggle for equality and human rights.

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As a bonus: the charts for this album are sublime and very smooth. Slip into the family library.

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India has a player name

The Historians de Lear collection, which presents small albums based on the personalities of famous young writers such as Simon Bouveris, Valerie Fontaine and Claudia LaRossell, invites India Desjardins to embark on an adventure this time! The purpose of this collection is to make young readers aware of literature and to show them that they share a lot of things with the authors. Four albums signed by India (India loves, India is sick, India has a different name And India is on the moon) Easy to read and in addition, beautiful and fun.

100% Recycling: Zero Waste Activity Book

100% zero waste book, every part is reusable or recyclable, obviously what a fantastic idea! So, this album is being turned into all sorts of eco-projects that will make kids think about the fate of the planet. Also, young readers don’t have to worry about folding or tearing pages when handling them, because that’s the goal! Some pages of this album will be used to make a mini-compost to recycle fruit and vegetable peels, while others will be used to make a seedling pot or gift bag. Enough to occupy, healthy and environmentally responsible, kids for hours!

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With Monster to Blockchain, it’s moving!

Who says monsters lurking in shelves have to be absolutely average and scary? The story of this cute little story is quite the opposite: it is so awesome and beautiful, but it takes up so much space! A boy can no longer do his things neatly because a monster has invaded the closet in his bedroom. So he starts looking for another place where his monster can settle … maybe a castle made from scrolls of toilet paper? A fun and entertaining album with dynamic charts.