Rouge de Regel Protein (Photo: La Mas Draga)

In the fifth chapter of The most dredger 4 To everyone’s surprise Barbara de Rigel Judge instead of Yuri. As usual, the protagonist rosario scissors He did not cease to amaze viewers after distributing some “tips” to two participants for their efforts.

I want to give a tipGetting up from her seat, the actress began saying, ‘I want to give you a little tip and like my mom I’ll take him out of Chichi. Here he goes to you, my love, you have unparalleled talent,” he told C-Pher and Gave 500 pesos, and then give the same amount to Iris XC.

But the above were not the only reasons that angered the followers of the program, because when choosing the contestant who would leave the show, Barbara appeared with one of her famous proteins to promote it.

“I want to congratulate both of you, you did it amazingly, you did it unbelievably. His talent, his desire, his heart, This time I have this protein and I’m going to have it with my proud version And that’s not just our June support. She always supported each other, now more than ever we are human and we have to be side by side. The fitness influencer said before eliminating Paper Cut and giving Tiresias her product bundle without judgment or anything, just with heart and love.”

Barbara gave money to the contestants (Photo: La Mas Draga)
Barbara gave money to the contestants (Photo: La Mas Draga)

Faced with this situation, netizens were quick to respond and quickly made Barbara de Rigel a trendy topic, ase complained that the show invited her with the intention of promoting his controversial merchandise As well as eliminating one of the strongest opponents of the season.

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“Bárbara de Regil is not promoting useless protein to the detriment of the LGBT community. He doesn’t really feel shy. No wonder the producers called her. So for what?” “Barbara just went to promote this ridiculous stuff and get one of the greatest talents out of the bulldozers,”

It must be remembered that this is not the first time that de Rigel has appeared in La Más Draga, because in 2020 she made her first appearance as a guest judge and she made a good impression on the followers of the program.

Many fans of this reality show have gone out of their way to Thanking her for participating in the broadcast, they celebrated her comments and asked her to be the host for next season.

The actress participated in the year 2020 (Image: dredge)
The actress participated in the year 2020 (Image: dredge)

“When I saw that Barbara de Rigel arrived more knowledgeable and constructive than Abeo and Maribel Guardia” or “after I saw Barbara de Rigel at LMD and saw that she was a good judge,” were some of the comments about her post.

Although most of the comments were amazing, there were also some who did not get tired of remembering the other events that the actress starred in from Rosario scissors.

“Only for a while should Barbara Del Rigel act ‘so beautiful’ for 20-30 minutes with the girls at #LaMasDraga3 so that we forget all the racism, classism and Gordophobia she deals with every day? Everyone cancels it and cancels it for whomever they like, but I just say” One user wrote on Twitter to mention one of the controversies the actress has raised.

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