United State. – We constantly strive on many occasions to enjoy greater privacy in The WhatsApp. For this reason, one of the most common types of headaches is a “problematic”blue popcorn“In this app. That’s why, by INTRA News We will tell you How do I deactivate “watching” In all your chats. Of course, you should know that it has its advantages and disadvantages which we will detail.

This function allows you to hide from your contacts when you have already read a message they sent you. But, even though the app has become a standard in terms of connectivity, it also has some things that don’t quite convince some users. This is the case of privacy in the issues of choosing responses to messages, which the blue check motivates you to do.

In this sense, the function The WhatsApp It allows your contact not to realize if you have read the message. But we must make something clear: if you activate these functions, you will not be able to see when someone reads your message, that is, the tool will work for both sides. No one will even see blue popcorn in your conversations, but you will not see it either, so it remains only to assess the situation to make a decision.

Deactivate “Watch” in WhatsApp

First make sure you have the latest update on your cell phone, either iOS or Android. Then you should enter WhatsApp and go to the “Settings” section. Later, select the option “Account” and click on “Privacy”. Among the options you can find Read Receipts, and this will be the point where you have to deactivate it so that no one can see the blue ticks.

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As you can see, there is no need for third party apps. Remember that different affirmations The WhatsApp are: A gray check means that your message has been sent. Gray double check delivered to the recipient. A double blue check indicates that the message has been opened and read. In addition, there is a watch icon that indicates that it was not sent, so you have time to delete it.

Source: WhatsApp screenshot.


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