The social network Twitter has added a new search button that will make it easier to search for a user’s tweets, as confirmed by the XDA Developers portal on Friday.

In mid-October, social media advisor Matt Navarra already reported that the new button was starting to appear to a small number of users, but now XDA Developers have confirmed that the feature is available in the service’s iOS app.

This new button in the form of a magnifying glass, located in the upper right corner of the user’s profile, opens a new search bar and allows the interested party to search for specific tweets typed into their account or the account of any other user.

The new button is a shortcut to an existing functionality that allows you to limit your search to tweets from a specific user. To do this, it is necessary to write in the search bar “de: [nombre de usuario en Twitter] [término de búsqueda]”.

However, the new feature makes this process easier. It may be useful, for example, if a user wants to find an article about which someone remembers who tweeted months ago but cannot remember the details, notes The Verge.

Source: RT

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