Les voiles en cours de réalisation

This Saturday is The second edition of Escale en fête in complex : an event organized by the Loire department around the Orléans Canal which it now owns. A day that is also meant to be promoted Tourist project “Le Loire Above Water”, Its name and logo were revealed two years ago, namely during the first edition of Escale en Fête.

Bicycle route, first stage of “Laura Over Water”

This project aims to display The 3-channel river ring in Loiret : That Orleans, then, but also that Briary and Loing. In the long term, it will be a question of the development of navigation that assumes a colossal work on the renewal of hydraulic structures and locks. corn In the shorter term, the project consists of the construction of a bicycle route along the Orleans Canal : €25 million of business planned between 2022 and 2025.

However, there is no doubt at this point of forgetting the sailors, he explains Lawrence PeleThe deputy head of the department in charge of tourism said:Today we are certainly the first to work on a bicycle route project, but we must not lose sight of the fact that this route (which will be linked to Loiret by bicycle and Scandibérique) is located along the water. So it was important to mark the sailors now.

Sails made by graffiti artists

Hence the idea cameTwo sailors from the Loire offered an original sail to equip their barn (traditional Loire boat): a sail drawn by Orleans artists who had only one artistic limitation, incorporating the project motto “Le Loiret au fil de l’eau”, symbolized by a bird. One of the sails was made by Jean-Michel Overy, and the other Duo Guillaume Garrié / Onie. Artists from the world of graffiti, delighted with the experience. “This allowed us to confront our artistic world with the traditional world of sailors and the world of the Loire., says Jean-Michel Aufry. It was an incredible inspiration.

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Jean-Michel Auvry paints one of the sails that will be shown this morning © Radio France
François Girault

Technical limitations, On the other hand, It was strong enoughJean-Michel Aufry admits:The sail of the boat is waterproof, so water runs over it; Therefore, acrylic paint falls on it as well. Therefore, we mainly used spray paint, which we use for graffiti. We first passed the paint juice to lay the graphics, and the big blocks as a kind of very light wash; Then we enhanced it with spray paint to give contrasts, volumes, and highlights.“Supposed operation You guarantee a good life for these sails, boneHonestly, we don’t know how long this will last because UV always has the last word on this story!

Another veil detail drawn by duo Guillaume Garrié and Onie, including the logo bird "Laura along the water"
Detail of another veil drawn by duo Guillaume Gary and Oni, including a bird of the motto “Le Loiret au fil de l’eau” © Radio France
François Girault

So all this will be to discover At Compleux this morning, On the boats “La Sterne” and “Le Skolvan”, which will also participate next week in the Loire Festival in Orleans. As for the Escale en fête activities – walks, concerts, demonstrations and dancing – they take place from 10 am to 11 pm on Saturdays.


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