The winds of change within the national right in France. Presidential elections are approaching National Assembly Try climbing the Elysee. Another attempt after a series of election campaigns, in which the far right, having reached the polling stage, found the Republican bloc of Gaullists and leftists limiting progress towards the presidency.

But this time, there is something new. Not only Emmanuel Macron It looks pretty weak (opinion polls show it with a maximum of 25% consensus in the first round), but there are some observers who believe that this constitutional tradition of the various united fronts against the sovereigns could somehow crack. A scenario that would radically change the political situation in France, shaken in recent months also by the emergence of a new figure within the right but unrelated to the Le Pen family: Eric Zemmour. The irreverent journalist and essayist of Judeo-Berber descent is on top of the wave, he’s climbing in the polls, someone is even giving him an edge over Marine Le Pen. But now there are those who fear the division of the front and the victory of the opponents. That is why they hope that Le Pen and Seymour will unite in the 2022 presidential election.

To make the call was Robert Maynard, Mayor of Beziers and one of the founders Reporters Without Borders. His past as a left-wing activist and his present close to the party Marine Le PenMenard is one of the most keen observers of French politics and hopes that the two leaders in the sovereign bloc will avoid stepping on their toes. Addressing the journalist climbing the heights of the right-wing bloc, Menard asked both national candidates for a gesture of calm. “I will beg you, you and the Marines, to see you next February, because everyone knows that at that moment things will surely crystallize, and I will ask which of you will be behind the other to agree to retire.Maynard said to Zemmour.To unite the truth means to be able to put France before the arrogance of both‘, because the co-founder of Reporters Without BordersZemmour couldn’t win without Marine Le Pen. This is also true on the contrary. The race to the Elysee Palace has begun. And for the truth, the processes of approaching a date have already begun that could be fundamental.

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