La “casita” elegida por el fundador y CEO de Tesla Motor Company y SpaceX tiene un costo de 50.000 dólares y se arma en una tarde

As he continues his ambitious dream of bringing people to Mars, Elon Musk (49) He has made a decision to change his own “world.” Founder and CEO of Tesla Motor Company and SpaceX sold all of his assets a Folding studio house.

Near 50, Elon Musk kept his promise and had almost no assets in his name. To enforce detachment, the South African president chose to live A folding studio apartment In the Starbase of Texas.

Can be found in the company’s promotional video Boxabl, The house can be moved with a trailer and easily installed on one of the smaller tracks. So Musk moved into his folding studio apartment, which he founded on the property of the aerospace company Specs.

Elon Musk moved into a folding studio apartment

The model of the prefabricated studio apartment is called காசிதாIt covers an area of ​​37 square meters and is made entirely of steel structure. It has a full kitchen, dishwasher and one size bed Queen, Breakfast for two people nose and full bathroom. If the buyer wishes, he can choose to add context to the existing structure.

All amenities are designed for people who want to live in their own home without spending too much money or living in one place forever. Its cost , 500 49,500 Also, when the company promotes, it can be paid in convenient installments.

Elon Musk reveals in his tweet that he lives in his Casida company boxboxTwitter

Musk announced that this would be his main home, and spent part of his precious time responding to the concerns of users who asked him about his new and difficult lifestyle. “My main house is about $ 50,000 in Boca Sica / Starbase on SpaceX. However, this is something surprising. The only property I have is the event house in the Bay Area. If I sell it, the house will be of less use. This is something that can happen one day, unless purchased by a large family”, He listed.

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