Want to masturbate your mind?  Brain Academy announcement on Switch!

This was one of the licenses that made the joy and happiness of gamers on Wii consoles and DS in particular, along with Dr. Kawashima. Well, Cerebral Academy is back on the Nintendo Switch! Thus you will be able to fight in every friendship with friends and family, to see who has the biggest…mind! The app is also localized for Brain Battle. This is…

Brain Academy: Quad Possible!

With Cerebral Academy: Battle of the brain, you can fight up to four players locally together. This is through five main axes: definition, memory, analysis, mathematics and cognition. Announced September 3 in France, on the Nintendo Switch exclusively, the program also contains a trailer, which will be discovered below, as well as a detailed description of these modes and game options, which we will present to you without further delay.

  • Multiplayer mode: Up to four players can participate in a brain-to-brain game to get the most points by completing the activities as quickly as possible. By setting the difficulty from easiest (childish) to hardest (super expert), activities will vary – the most difficult setting that includes diabolical challenges! Each player can select the level of difficulty that suits him to balance the game. Thus, the younger ones will be able to face their parents, without fear of being left behind!
  • Training mode: Failing to emerge victorious from a fierce battle of the brain is not the end of a tangled adventure! In practice mode, players will be able to immerse themselves in their favorite activities in order to achieve the highest score and win medals. This is a perfect way to improve your skills and have a better chance to impose your brain power on your friends and relatives in an upcoming multiplayer match!
  • Quiz mode: In this mode, players will be evaluated in five activities. At the end of these tests, Professor Neuron will present you with your brain result. Try to get the highest score to improve your chances in the next Brain vs Brain battle! Regular reviews will earn you game coins, which you can use to unlock costumes for your avatar. Testing your brain is always more fun when you dress up in an adorable cat costume!
  • Ghost Battle Mode: In this mode, you will be able to challenge the game data – known as “ghosts” – to your family members, or choose to go online** to face the ghosts of your friends and random players around the world. Improve your ranking to show your talents for the four corners of the class… er… the globe!
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This article was published on 03/09/2021 at 6:29 AM


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