Weather report.  USA Hurricane Idalia increasingly scary.  Imminent relegation to Category 4
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Hurricane Adalia, category four
Hurricane Adalia, category four

Idalia is a major hurricane and is making landfall on the northern coast of Florida Class 4, is no longer within category 3, as was expected until yesterday. This means that the winds revolving around its center will be more intense and can reach and Exceeding 210 km / h When it touches the ground, in Big Bend, on the northwest coast of the state, facing the Gulf of Mexico.

Heavy rain is already underway in FloridaBut it will intensify more during the next few hours, and it may take on a torrential nature, with a high probability of floods and floods, even in large urban centers. Strong winds will also create vSlow storms would cause high tides on all exposed coastsespecially on the long stretch between Ochlockonee Bay and Tampa, where The water will be able to touch two meters high.

The risk of many tornadoes forming is also high Such phenomena are expected between North Florida and the Carolina coast on Thursday. In fact, Hurricane Adalia will move to the northeast after making landfall It will pass over Georgia and South Carolinawhile losing some of his energy. But it will always be able to distribute large amounts of rain with the possibility of torrential rains and floods.

And by Thursday evening, “Idalia” will throw itself into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, passing by the northern coast of South Carolina. Exit completely from the scene

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