Among the novelties Google presented today at its Cloud Next ’21 event Safer workIts new program through which it is trying to help small and large companies as well as public bodies, Protect against network threats with enterprise-grade tools in the Google cloud, as well as providing them with hardware-level resources for their day-to-day activities, with a clear focus on the growing hybrid business model.

At the level of cloud-based tools, They will be able to access the Google Workspace suite of enterprise-wide applications Even if they choose the “BeyondCorp Enterprise” option, they have “secure access to resources with built-in threats and data protection” along with enterprise-grade reCAPTCHA to protect their corporate sites from abusive activity.

As far as hardware is concerned, google browser He thinks that through various plans, companies and organizations have a 50% off the purchase of Titan security keys, plus five HP Chromebook Enterprise devices for free, “as available”Plus, you’ll also get 50% off access to the business version of Chrome.

And if that’s not enough, there’s also Possibility to buy Pixel phones, Also bring a trial period before companies and organizations come to make a bigger purchase.

looking to the future, Google is also considering incorporating Chronicle security analysis into its offerings.There will also be scope for tools that allow organizations and businesses to make a “smooth” transition to Google Workspace.

Interested parties can register through this link made available by Google to you. From Google they will offer this new program through Google Cloud directly as well as through various partners.

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There is no doubt that in the face of the rush of cloud-based services, the ever-present threats on the web, and the emergence of a hybrid business model, Google has seized the opportunity to offer a complete offering so that businesses and organizations have everything necessary to safely sustain their productivity in a scenario that will increasingly grow as a culture change in the workplace due to pandemic, which opens many other opportunities that were not possible until recently.


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