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This photo was taken yesterday morning in the bathroom of the house: You can easily imagine where I am sitting and why. I don’t think I’m the only one who, shortly after getting out of bed, finds himself in such a state. Cats often like to wake up the people they live with – Sometimes it’s too early, like we all did – and they definitely like to be with them as soon as they wake up. It’s a kind of verification, confirmation A relationship of coexistence that must be renewed every day. From the point of view of a cat (and a dog), our nighttime rest is completely incomprehensible. No animal sleeps long and uninterrupted: we just sleep. It is used to alternate between sleep and wakefulness And not finding much difference between a day walk and a night walk, between breakfast and a midnight snack, a cat must attend this peculiarly exclusive human ritual every evening that causes us to abruptly abandon the erect position to immobilize us in a position that does so. We practically never assume when we’re awake, and we literally disappear from existence for seven, eight, or more hours. It must seem really silly to him. That is why the next morning, and therefore every morning As if the world is rising again and regaining its balance, refilling itself back as it ought to be in a cat’s mind: a place where a certain number of humans share a certain number of other animals.

Otto is exemplary in this: he always manages to be there when I wake up, and there’s no way to get him away (not even a reason at all) at least until I go downstairs to make a coffee. But other cats also, alternately or in groups, do not behave differently: at most, they are less accustomed or less persistent than Otto. photographed with him There is Sergio, but often appears in the bathroom Jefferson; Scarcely Lola NS Lura (The females seem to be more independent and less loving, but maybe that’s just an impression.) The station in the bathroom becomes like this A chance to meet and make sure each other is okay. Oddly enough – but even that, if you think about it, it’s usually cats – not all of our cats rub or ask for cuddles, and when they do, they stop after a while anyway: but they don’t go away, instead I stay motionless Waiting to be the first to leave the room. After all, cats They master the art of waiting like few otherskisa: During this morning they waited to express all their feelings. Enjoying it is a real privilege.

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