Why is no one protesting here for the youth of Georgia who are fighting against the “Russian law”?

In the title «Palomar“, Antonio Polito traces the similarities between the riots taking place in Georgia these days and those that took place in Kiev ten years ago: «A battle for the freedom of a people – he notes – who dreams of joining the European Union and He does not want to live under the pressure of Putin's Russia». the “Russian law» approved by Tbilisi requires organizations that receive more than 20% of their funds from abroad to officially register as foreign agents: «They will therefore be subject to certain controls and restrictions – Polito explains – This is the rule that allows in Russia to suppress dissent by targeting independent media and NGOs. It is also a way to prevent Obstructing Georgia's accession process to the European Union». All this despite the fact that 80% of Georgians declared their support for joining Europe. “An almost perfect version of what happened in 2014 in Ukraine. There the pro-Russian government was later overthrown through street protests and Moscow responded with military force by invading Donbass And the annexation of Crimea – recalls Polito – While Putin's imperialism creates new rules of conflict, many defenders of the freedom of oppressed peoples Here they do not raise their voices Against this new form of colonialism.

May 15, 2024

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