Bugs often appear due to poor coverage or poorly used devices, but in other cases, when everything is fine, a good Wi-Fi connection is not achieved even when it is near the router.

It is usual to Hto Wi-Fi fails when the electronic device moves away from the router because the signal is getting weaker. But, What happens when you’re nearby and the wireless connection is wrong?

wrong band

One of the reasons is incorrect bandwidth usage. You can navigate the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, and For the perfect maximum speed It is the connection to 5 GHz.

This can also help avoid interference with other devices, since the 2.4GHz band suffers from most problems of this kind. It can interfere with electronic devices that use a similar frequency, such as a bluetooth device or microwave.

adapter problem

Another problem that can interfere with good communication is file Maybe failure with the wifi adapter; The network card is not working properly. this happens And its old or physically damaged, For example, it may happen that the antenna is not working well and this leads to errors when connecting to the wireless network despite its proximity.

In addition, this may be the problemconverter in drivers. The drivers may not be up to date, causing errors when connecting. This would have an easy fix: always update the network card.

Virus in the system

Malware issues may also cause Wi-Fi to fail. Viruses affect the functioning of the connection and prevent good speed from reaching it. It can also cause constant outages that damage your wireless network.

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To solve this problem, the ideal solution is to always have a good antivirus, for example:

  • Microsoft Defender

  • Avast

  • Bitdefender

Next to, Updating your systems can help prevent threats from entering.

Router failure

The problem may not be with the hardware or the system; It may be a failure of the router or the repeater. In this case, you have to do Check where the problem is and see if it is a router, a repeater, etc. These devices It can have problems over time, due to a malfunction or something wrong even at a level Firmware.

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