Why Thomas Schaff can save Werder Bremen

He had a video camera in his left hand and Thomas Schaff was waving a Werder flag to his right.

Werder Bremen beat FC Bayer 3-1 on May 8, 2004, while Evan Glasnick, Johann Mike and Ildon shot Werder ahead of their fourth championship title, the last in club history. When they returned successfully, the Bremen heroes were celebrated frenzied at the airport. The image of Master Coach Schaff, who captured this moment from the roof hutch of the aircraft, has earned its permanent place in the Werter Chronicle.

At the same time the film of the long days and, above all, the most successful days.

Shaf as savior? “He can create excitement”

On Sunday morning, Schaff arrived at Sportotel Fuchspatzal in Parsinghouse wearing a gray cardigan and small suitcase. The Bremen recovery mission has little to do with past successes. But the name Schaff is also associated with nostalgia for success.

“It inspires players and builds confidence,” said Managing Director Frank Bowman CHECK24 Double pass Ann SPORT1. “Thomas Schaff has been our coach for a long time. He knows that Werder is always good when he’s stuck with the club coaches. We are Florian (Kofelt, Anm.d.Red.) To catch. “

Despite all the reports and great optimism for a successful era like his predecessors Schaff or Otto Rehagel, Florian Goefeld was history in Werder since Sunday morning. Bremen slipped to the point of elimination after a 2-0 defeat in a basement match at FC Augsburg. Schaff, who now shaped a successful era in Werder from 1999 to 2013, must save the green-whites from falling into the 2nd Bundesliga. (Service: Bundesliga Schedule)

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Schaff is shaping up to be an era with spectacular attack football

Schaff celebrated his 60th birthday in late April and most recently became technical director at Green-White. Now he returns to the coaching bench for next Saturday’s game against Borussia Dortmund – and could be sent off. “We don’t have much time, but we will do everything we can to go into the game with interest, confidence and confidence in our own strength and eventually win,” Schaff said.

The former defender has defended his club once before. When he followed Felix Magnum in May 1999, Werder was also in an eviction battle. Now, however, the club has its back to the wall. Schaff three cup wins and a Championship team preman spectacular attacking football since returning to the Millennium took the decision only counted next Saturday.

“It annoys me to say you have to change coaches five days before the grand final,” he said. SPORT1-Expert Stephen Effenberg Im CHECK24 Double pass. “It’s the team anyway. Of course you have to get on the players’ heads, but the players are on duty, and no one else.”

Changing coaches involves risk

Effenberg would have wanted Schaff and Goefelt to tackle this task together. “You made a different decision and those responsible for it must now take responsibility for it,” Effenberg said.

After leaving Werder to serve briefly as head coach at UEFA, Shop returned as coach in the 2014/15 season, but after a year at Eintrach Frankfurt he resigned due to differences of opinion on the oversight committee. His recovery mission in Hannover 96 in the 2015/16 season failed prematurely after only one win in ten games.

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But this has nothing to do with Bremen’s current situation, and above all, Schaff knows the club inside and out, for which he has dedicated half his life, first as a player and then as a coach.

Baman, who played under the shop for almost ten years at Werter, also knows it. “We have a coach who doesn’t need a lot of time to practice. He knows the team and can find starting points,” the managing director stressed. “With his experience and his method, Thomas can claim the basic virtues of players.”

Is the savior’s trump card regular?

At the same time, Werder is the third traditional club to rely on the regular factor in final speed. Hamburger SV’s promotion dream was shattered early Sunday, and even under interim coach Horst Hrubech, Friedhelm Fungal has breathed new life into 1. FC Cologne with two wins. On the last day of the match for the eliminated spot, or with Armenia Peelfeld, Schaff and Funkel are now battling a long battle for direct recovery. (Service: Bundesliga Results and Schedule)

“I wouldn’t have thought of it, I would have said it,” Fungal said CHECK24 Double pass Ann SPORT1. “We know what needs to happen on the pitch.”

Schaff knows that too.


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