Windows 11 22H2
[Original 2. Mai.22]: Little by little we are approaching the finish line as far as Windows 11 22H2 (Sun Valley 2) is concerned. We have already reported the official launch of Windows 11 22H2. But August doesn’t mean the new version won’t be ready until then.

With the latest Insider build, there were already some assumptions that this was the final version. But according to our new information, Microsoft wants to reach RTM status at the end of May. Although RTM (Release to Factory) is a misnomer, it is still common for the final version of an operating system.

This means that from June, we will only receive updates in the Beta Preview and Release channel, and even “Beta” users can also update to Windows 11 22H2 without being an Insider, after which they will only receive updates. Until then, we’ll continue to receive new Insider builds with individual fixes and improvements to new features.

And as it currently stands, those who are using Windows 11 on unsupported devices don’t have to worry. Nothing has changed or tightened, as some suspected. Windows 11 can still be installed or upgraded without TPM and Secureboot.

[Update 14.05.22]: As Walking Cat just tweeted, the latest version of Windows will be launched with the name “RTM” on 05/24/22. We’ll have to wait and see if it works with Windows 11 22621. But it looks like it. Then that version will be the “original version” you already know from our ISO files, which are fed with updates only after that.

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Of course, it will take some time before Microsoft officially introduces Windows 11 22H2. Only then will this release be offered to everyone in waves via Windows Update. And whether tabs in File Explorer will also appear, is not 100% certain. But you are working on it and it can also be sent later.

So it wasn’t long now. Then Insiders can fully focus on the first previews of the upcoming Windows 11 23H2.

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