WWE Day 1 2022 Results

– WWE Day 1 Pre-Show, with a team of Kayla Proxton, Booker D, Kevin Patrick, Peter Rosenberg and JBL announcing the absence of Roman Reigns, presents us with the card and welcomes us. Brock Lesnar is confirmed to be part of the Fadel-4-Way match for the WWE Championship.

– Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston were interviewed behind the scenes. Woods state predictions that he and Kofi will defeat the USOS and regain the SmackDown tag tag titles.

– Kevin Owens arrives on stage, followed by Lashley.

Tag Team Match

Shimes and Ridge Holland vs. Cesaro and Ricochet

At the start of the match, Holland has a nose injury Take a ricochet. Will never see him back from the match. Shimes finds himself in 1v2. At the end of the fight, Seamus removes the ricochet from the bottom of the ring White noise. He is a Brock kick Cesarov won by 3 counts.

Success: Shimes and Ridge Holland

– The big fly is coming to the arena. The team finishes issuing the card. End of pre-show.

WWE Day 1 Atlanta and Georgia.

Commentators are Jimmy Smith, Byrne Saxton and Michael Cole for SmackDown with Pat Corey Graves for RAW and Pat McAfee.

– Tonight begins the special show with WWE Day 1, SmackDown Tag Team Defense.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship – Tag Team Match

Usus (c) (Jimmy and Jay Usho) vs The New Day (King Woods and Kofi Kingston)

At the end of the match, all 4 hit in the middle of the ring. The new day kicks off Youssef. Woods dives on Jimmy, but gets caught on a super kick. Jimmy hands over to Jay. USOS finisher and 3 count win in Kingston.

Winners: The Usos – Still Champions

– Behind the scenes, Kevin Patrick asks Big E his comments on the inclusion of Lesnar in the game. Big E asks who kept this on the bingo list. Bobby, Kevin, Seth and the beast we can bring him. Tonight he will walk on fire and be our WWE Champion.

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– Behind the scenes, Kayla discusses their song with the Mykos band.

– Before the fight, Corbyn picked up the microphone and explained how being rich distinguishes one from him. He wants to insult the people of Atlanta about their weight.

Singles competition

Drew McIntyre vs Madcap Moss With Happy Corbin

At the end of the match, McIntyre enters Claymore, but Moss blocks him, and McIntyre returns with a second Claymore kick in the three overs.

Success: Drew McIntyre

– Behind the Scenes, Sarah asks Kevin Owens for her thoughts on adding Brock Lesnar to Day 1. This is a tragedy, Owens says, and it should not happen. That title match ended with Rollins and Lashley. With the exception of Brock Lesnar, this is awful. There will be no fight for the WWE title between him and Seth tonight. They need to negotiate with Bully Lesnar. We saw what he did to his best friend Sami Jayne. She is going to take care of him for that. He has a great plan and he’s going to talk to Rollins about it.

Raw Tag Team Championship – Tag Team Match

Street profit (Angelo Dawkins and Montes Ford) Vs RK-Bro (Riddle and Randy Orton) (c) With mycos

At the end of the fight, Riddle cheats on Ford’s frock splash, and Riddle throws him into the air, with Orton finishing third with his RKO.

Cognants: RK-Bro

– After the fight, RK-Bro celebrates with the Migos team. Street profits return to the ring, with everyone hugging each other.

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– Behind the scenes, Megan asks Drew McIntyre about his game and what’s next. Moss amazes him, and McIntyre says he’s very strong. McIntyre was about to pursue his response when he was attacked by Moss and Corbin. They block McIntyre’s head in a chair, and Corbin beats him with an iron frame.

– We present the video for the Royal Rumble 2022 on January 29th.

– Behind the scenes, Kayla knocks on the door Brock Lesnar And asks for his views on competition change. Lesnar begins copying Paul Heyman to introduce himself. Lesnar says he does what he wants because Lesnar is a free agent. Thanks to his representative Paul Heyman for that. So tonight he’s going to go to the ring and come out like a WWE champion. This is not a prediction, this is a spoiler.

– We present a video about the story between Miss and Edge.

Singles competition

Miss With Marys Vs. Edge

At the end of the fight, Miss Edge blocks the spear, and Maris hits him with her wallet! Miss goes to his Skull Crushing final to cover him up, but Edge resists. Marys got angry and climbed on the armor. Beth arrives in Phoenix and Marys escapes. Taking advantage of the Edge distraction, Missil made his spear for a three-run lead.

Winner: Edge

– Behind the scenes, Bobby Lashley and MVP prepare for the game. Kevin Patrick Brock asks their opinion on the inclusion of Lesnar. Lesnar is a unique athlete, MVP says, an event the world has never seen before. He understands that people are afraid because the chance of success is diminished. But Lashley is not afraid because he is a unique athlete and will never face Lesnar. Lashley welcomes Lesnar to the tournament because it can be said that he also defeated Lesnar when he went on to win the WWE title. We are January 1, 2022, but also the first day of the Almighty era. Lashley says he’s glad to see them banging on Hurt Lock. New year, new champion.

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– We present a video on the history between Morgan and Lynch.

Raw Women’s Championship – Singles Tournament

Liv Morgan vs Becky Lynch (c)

At the end of the fight, Morgan wanted to make his flatline, but Lynch slammed into his mane for Morgan’s three.

Gagnante: Becky Lynch

– Behind the scenes Kevin Patrick is with Seth Rollins for comments on his game. According to Rollins, it should be a match for one of his. Owens lied to get his place, Lashley bullied people to get his place, and Brock Lesnar made his way to La Lesnar. So what is he going to do? He can not give up his shot, but there is something in common with all four wrestlers that benefits him. They are not Seth Rollins. So he goes down in the ring and he is going to do his best. He is going to crush his heads and carry on.

– We present the video announcing Johnny Knoxville entering the 2022 Royal Rumble. He wants to become the next world champion.

WWE Championship – Dangerous 5-Way Match

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