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nintendo A trailer for the introduction to . has started broadcasting Xenoblade Chronicles 3the latest installment in Xenoblade Chronicles Role-playing game series, Friday. The trailer shows explanations of some of the game’s mechanics and characters.

The main characters include Noah, Eunice, Lanz, Mio, Taeyeon, and Sena. The world is marked by large open areas, colonies with citizens, and places to rest. The game will also include automatic navigation and warp parameters.

In battle, players can use custom arts for buttons, link arts for combos and chain attacks, and swap characters in the middle of combat. Party members have a class that affects their qualities and how they fight. Classes include Swordfighter, Zephyr, Medic Gunner, Tactician, Heavy Guard, and Ogre. Members can change classes.

Characters can also fuse together to become beings known as Ouroboros. Ouroboros have different shapes depending on which of the two characters they control. Additional characters called Heroes can join the group as a seventh member. Heroes offer lessons and additional arts.

The game will get a paid DLC expansion card that includes a new story scenario, costumes, quests and battles, with new installments sporadically releasing through December 2023.

The game will launch for Switch on July 29, ahead of its original September release date. A special edition will be available on My nintendo The shop, which will include square artwork from the character designer Masatsugo SaitoArt book with hardcover and steel case.

nintendo Description of the game:

A vast world awaits in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the next game in the popular RPG series from developer MONOLITHSOFT. Players will step into the roles of protagonists Noah and Mio amid the turmoil between the hostile nations Kevis and Agnus. Six characters from those countries will participate in a big story with the theme of “Life”.

nintendo original release Xenoblade Chronicles Wii in Japan in 2010, Europe in 2011, and North America in 2012. nintendo chest Xenoblade Chronicles 3D for new nintendo 3DS released in April 2015 in North America and Europe. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive EditionThe Switch version of the original game, which was launched in May 2020.

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The Xenoblade X Chronicles The Wii U’s “spiritual heir” shipped in December 2015. Tetsuya Takahashi had previously expressed his desire to transfer Xenoblade X Chronicles to switch.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Shipped for the Switch in December 2017.

source: nintendo‘s Youtube Channel Across jimatsu


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