2nd League: Fortune D டுsseldorf wins but no promotion

D டுsseldorf –

Nothing works anymore! The season is over for Fortuna before a season is over. This is clear from 5:29 pm on Sunday, May 16: D :sseldorf will play in the 2nd Bundesliga next season. A good 3-0 win over Erzburg will not help either.

  • Fortuna Dசsseldorf won against Erzburg
  • The dream of promotion still explodes
  • Competitor Farth won 4-2 against Paterbon

With rivals Greater Forth winning 4-2 at SC Badminton, Fortuna can no longer climb to third place.

Fortune Dசsseldorf: The promotion dream has exploded

But first things first: Suddenly at 3:51 pm there is great hope. In the press box, Fatbornborn won 1-0 against Ford.

At that point Fortuna would have had their final match for the exit because he already has a 2-0 lead against Aue.

Hope only lives for six minutes, then Forth equalizes. Meanwhile, the Franks lead 2: 1, half the time it is 2: 2. Dசsseldorf leads 2-0, but it will not be mathematically sufficient for Gretor to score a point due to a poor goal difference. Nevertheless, there is still hope of a Paterporn success. But halfway through the recent season after Ferth 3-2, it becomes clear: Unfortunately, this does not work for F95 today!

Fortune Dசsseldorf against Aue with a good performance

Fortune can tap himself on the shoulder that he has done his homework with the necessary seriousness.

From the start, Uwe Rosler’s team was under pressure in the home arena in a 4-3-3 formation. At first it was strong shooting star Shinda Appelkamp, ​​once again proving the best technique, shooting hard to convert the blocked cross from Felix Class to 1-0 (10th). Then Appelcombe appears as a producer. An Aur lay on his side at the feet of Marcel Sopotka, who made it 2-0 (18th) easy. The guests did not give the impression that 3: 8 had given an effect in the previous week against Paterbon. You play pomatic, you are slow in your head.

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Even after the break, the home side are still a very active team. Emma Ioha, who has been in a fortune starting at eleven for the first time since April 2017, wants to make it 3-0, but she misses the twelve meters. Fortuna Dசsseldorf has the opportunity after opportunity, but they all offer one after the other. Until Rouen Hennings hits substitute Chris Peterson as a substitute. Sweden converted the ice to a 3-0 final score (87th). Happiness about it is limited, because all players will certainly be informed directly about Badrborn’s decision.

According to Fortuna, the farewell to the season and the fight for promotion in Fort next Sunday (3:30 pm) will not disrupt the competition. In addition, the board of directors around Glass Alofs and Uwe Klein need to quickly position themselves as to who will coach the F95 team next season.

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