A 4,500-year-old artifact has been found, and it reveals an important date in our history

An artifact has been found that reveals an important background from our history. This returns the main date. That’s what it is.

Artifact found 4,500 years ago – Viaggi.nanopress.it

Archaeologists work every day and at some of the study sites they find things that rewrite our history. This found artifact is very important because it sets a very important date It can change a lot of things. Read on to learn more about this discovery.

Found artifact: Here’s what’s changing in our history

The gadget found is a tablet. This dates back 4,500 years to Mesopotamia. Archaeologists have confidently helped give an earlier date in history that has never been seen before today. This is the first kiss in history. Perhaps this is the first tablet that will fully represent it.

Viaggi.nanopress.it – ​​Artifact found

There are many methods that have been identified but this question is never asked by experts. What is the first kiss in the history of men? Researchers from the University of Copenhagen conducted a study and also found a solution. The answer to the question is found in the Middle East.

Experts have begun to conduct research that proves this The first kiss dates back to 4,500 years ago. We are, as we said, in the Mesopotamian period. A date that has changed quite a few things since until recently it was thought to have happened only 1,000 years later.

in the journal Sciences We read about this research by the Scandinavians who explained the details. From the first kiss to the disease that spread afterwards. Indeed, lip contact is a culture to be looked for in the ancient world but we do not have the exact date and place. More details below.

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Disc with the first kiss

A theory that has been carried over for years holds that the spread of the practice occurred in Asia, specifically in the southern region. But things changed with the discovery of the tablet, which we show below. It is a clay tablet from Mesopotamia representing moments of daily life.

This represents how the kiss is part of the intimate and romantic realm. Precisely for this reason, according to the latest study conducted, nowhere is this practice born. In fact, it is a very prevalent culture even in the family and among close friends. But as we said led to disease.

Disc with the first kiss – Viaggi.nanopress.it

The disease is herpes. Experts have linked it to the first kiss in history thanks to some written texts that constantly talk about the disease. They called her Buchano The description leaves no doubt that they are what we all know today as cold sores.

This disease was mainly located inside the mouth and up to the throat. Make small blisters. Kisses likely existed even before this tablet and no evidence has yet been found. Although thousands of years have passed, problems still exist today.


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