Another feature of PlayStation is now history

Sony continues to get rid of this problem. The PlayStation manufacturer already announced some time ago that the online functionality would be cancelled, and now the grace period has expired. PlayStation fans will have to do without another feature from now on.

MyPlayStation is no longer available in the browser: Sony cancels the Internet function

The first PlayStation service stopped serving PS Vita messages, and now it’s another offline feature. As of June 28, 2021, players can no longer use the MyPlayStation web function via the browser. This feature gives you access to your game library, parties, friends, trophies and profile information and is now only accessible via PS4, PS5 or your cell phone’s mobile app.

After all, not all MyPlaystation functions for browser users have been deactivated. Only social features and display of your prizes have been deleted. Anyone who logs in online on the regular PlayStation website can still access their game library, start downloads remotely, and change their profile details – evident from an official blog entry.

And what else happened in the world of games and technology? We summarize the most important messages for you in GIGA titles:

Another feature removed from PlayStation: Sony fans are used to it

PlayStation gamers shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that Sony repeatedly picks up the red pen when it comes to legacy functionality. In April, for example, the PS4’s Communites function was deactivated, apps like Facebook, YouTube or Skype were no longer supported on the PS Vita, and PS3, PSP and PS Vita games could no longer be accessed online or had to be purchased in the mobile store. Through the console store.

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In fact, Sony wanted to stop the digital sale of old consoles entirely, but thanks to a huge outcry from the community, it was persuaded to withdraw the decision.

What do you think about Sony gradually sending legacy PlayStation features to the sidelines? Do you want us to keep these jobs longer? Or you can understand the company’s move? Feel free to write to us in the Facebook comments!


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