Bad weather, Crete drenched in floods: cars dragged into the sea, one dead and missing

After causing floods in several regions in the south, it caused bad weather may move towards Greeceespecially overwhelming Crete. The flood A disaster was left on the island, as cars swept away in fury waters and roads turned into rivers.

Severe damage in coastal villages (see photo in the sliding gallery above and the video at the bottom of the article). in a village Agia PelagiaThe cars ended up at sea. embarrassment also a Ligaria And the Setia. up to airport Heraklion Flooded: Flights suspended until further notice.

In the aftermath of heavy floods, a man was found Die In the Heraklion region, while others Two people have been reported missingThe fire brigade announced. The victim is a 50-year-old man who got stuck in his car due to heavy rain. Firefighters added that a woman stuck in her car sustained minor injuries.

Eight tourists are stranded with a security guard at an archaeological site Setiawhere is she “The situation is out of control and the atmospheric phenomena are exceptionalMayor stressed.

The deputy governor of the region, Nikos Serigonakis, called on residents to “limit their movements.” β€œIt’s a tough day,” he added.

Flood disaster in Crete, Heraklion Airport also inundated | video

Floods in Crete, roads like rivers in Sitia | video

Flood Crete, Sitia underwater | video

Crete is flooded and the situation is critical in Sitia | video

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