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bungee He threatened to close his shop windows Fate 2 threads of light If they continue to receive toxic responses. Fate 2 Recently revealed the second cover of the magazine.threads of lightHe congratulated the winners on cosmetics of an amazing character.

However, things took a turn for the worse as the post started receiving a lot of negative and toxic comments soon after the ad was released.

The post showed compilations of the three winners, but received a sudden wave of responses saying “0 drip”. Additionally, there were other disgruntled fans who shared their own personalities in an effort to prove that the winners’ costumes weren’t exactly special.

community manager bungeeGriffin Bennett took to Twitter to express his disappointment about the situation (thank you, PCGamer). She said:

If the reaction to these lamps continues to be toxic and negative while we disparage the creativity of others, we will stop doing all this together.

be better Imagine getting into the answers and insulting someone’s art. mind-bogglingly inappropriate.”

digital magazinethreads of lightIt was announced in September in an effort to celebrate some of the community’s best creations. Obviously, things didn’t go the way I intended bungee.

Although the decision may seem a bit harsh, bungee You are trying to show that you have zero tolerance for toxicity in your community.

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The magazine was announced in an effort to encourage players to take full advantage of the game’s modified conversion system launched with Splicer season.

It completely changed the way people view character customization from Fate 2Because it gave society the freedom it needed, with some flaws of its own.

With the announcement of the new cover, the space is open for other fans to give their characters their best looks for a chance to appear in the coming weeks. We hope society will better accept the appearance of others and avoid toxicity in the future.




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