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After a disappointing defeat to the Sixers orphans Joel Empight and James Horton this week, the Heat thought they would be back in front of their home crowd against the Warriors அன orphans of Stephen Curry, Tremond Green and Clay Thompson. It’s been missed since Miami’s fans lived a dreamy evening, not half. The defeat against Golden State, the turmoil between Jimmy Butler, Eric Spolestra and Udonis Haslem, could have changed Florida’s beautiful blue sky if Pat Riley had not quickly regained ownership.

I will kick your ass! I’m going to kick your ass, man! I will kick your ass! I will kick your ass!

Here are, among other things, the sweet words sent by Dirlo Udonis Haslem in Miami for 20 years in the direction of Jimmy Butler this Wednesday evening. If only it were, we would be very quiet… But unfortunately, this case seems a little more important, and it deserves our attention. First, let us give Caesar the due merit and praise the warriors. When Connie was asked about the end of the season following two consecutive defeats, Steve Kerrin’s men rolled up their sleeves and formed a better partnership to win in Miami, thus exploiting the worst form of heat. What could be more logical than losing in Orlando and winning in Miami? Nothing, exactly. After the tremendous efforts of Jordan Poole (30 points), Jonathan Cummins (22 points), Damien Lee (22 points) and Andrew Wiggins (22 points), the Golden State boys gave themselves a great victory on the road. Can be approached with a little more confidence than this weekend. Completely opposite to the opposite clan.

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Despite Kyle Lori doing everything he could to keep his team in the game, the team managed by Eric Spostra got off to a bad start in the second half. No other words, it was Worse. The 19-0, imposed by the Warriors, required immediate time off from Spo and his staff, with things going differently freestyle from the 1st time-out. First announced by journalists on the pitch and then explained in the video, the confrontation between Jimmy Butler, Eric Spolestra and Udonis Haslem causes all the attention of the basketball world to explode into a beautiful cable crowd at No. 1 in the Eastern Conference. One month from the end of the season.

But what do these pictures show us?

This is a bit confusing, but we can clearly see that Jimmy Butler said something he did not like about Eric Spolestra or Udonis Haslem. Already the first releases are dazzling facial expressions and it looks like he’s not going to fight with his player (” What? Should I fight you ?!“), And then came back to announce that Butler was going to kick his ass several times and several more times. Connecting words can also happen. Surprisingly, a few seconds pass, and Eric Spolestra throws his pill on the floor in Butler’s direction, as if very frustrated with the whole situation. Spo is not often seen in this kind of behavior, which is what currently shocks most viewers. We also notice the humor of this scene, as Marcif Morris holds back Eric Spolestra as Bam Adebayo hits the belt near the Udonis Haslem bench and the world is now upside down.

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What did Butler say? What happened ? We do not know yet. All we know is the following. At first, Spoelstra and Haslem looked at the edge and could walk with Udonis but not often with the Heat coach. Maybe we’ll find out soon enough what was said, but not at the time of writing this. Second, Miami lost the game. So this is not the Popovich way of ending up with a reunion to block a team, even though Kyle Lori has started a new run, the heat is not on how to restart the engine after this mess. During a win, we may have ruined everything… but Duncan Robinson’s friends make two stupid defeats in a row, and a month from the playoffs with this kind of public confrontation, everything increases tenfold. Finally, thirdly, Keep in mind that NBA locker rooms are made up of strong personalities and competitors. Marcus Smart kicked a chair against the wall a year and a half ago while fighting with Jaylan Brown. Steve Kerr and Tremond Green scolded each other in the middle of the title campaign. Spolestra had some good times with LeBron and Wade, and we are not going to start talking about the history of Jimmy Butler or Udonis Haslem. There may be conflicts within the same NBA teams, and you have to see how far it goes. As Spolstra said at the post-match press conference, it’s nothing, everything will be forgotten in a week. Or maybe, as we have already seen, we will be back if this moment fights the heat in the finish and playoffs.

“The players asked what were the plans for having dinner together after the game. It is clear that we have a very competitive and close team. Our donkeys were kicked for the second time in a row. We did not play as much as we would like, so I would say that everyone in this time-out was very driven by general dissatisfaction with the way we played. ⁇

While Wolves fans and Jimmy Butler opponents are holding hands, a real question drives us around the heat: what’s going on? Although the Eastern Conference should have been No. 1 three weeks before the playoffs, the opposite will happen. We need to heal quickly because the competition is taking care of these things very carefully and the pressure on Miami will be maximum in the coming days and weeks. So we’m going to say, put it in circulation, but keep an eye on it …

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