Dramatic video of the crash

a an airport Shipment crashed in the north Greece. The news was reported by the Greek news agency Anna, which places the disaster in the vicinity of Paleochori Kavalas. I also mentioned some of the statements of several eyewitnesses who said that the plane caught fire and they heard the explosion. Twitter shows videos of the tragedy in which we see a fireball in the dark of the sky falling to the ground.

A Chinese military plane crashed between houses, at least one person was killed and buildings caught fire

The cargo flight was traveling between Serbia and Jordan, according to media reports, and would have requested that it be able to make an emergency landing at the Greek Kavalas airport, without being able to reach it. According to Radio Ert, it was a Ukrainian Antonov aircraft. It is not yet clear how many crew members were on board and what they were carrying. Eyewitnesses claimed that they saw the plane on fire.

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