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Mobile sales in Iran halved
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Mobile sales in Iran halved

The Head of the union for Iran’s telecommunication devices has said: “With the rising dollar prices on the forex market, people’s purchase power for mobiles has decreased and figures indicate that mobile sales have halved at the outset of Nowruz.

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John Tirman: The US military would oppose an unprovoked attack on Iran


In an exclusive interview with Persia Digest (PD) MIT Professor, John Tirman, said: “For all his bluster, Trump probably does not want a war with Iran. But if he takes such a decision, he will not seek congressional approval.”

The necessity of a paradigm shift in Iran’s foreign policy


A former Iranian diplomat has said: “In the present circumstances, there is no hope that Iran’s foreign policy or diplomacy can continue its way forward without a paradigm shift; as such, there is nothing to negotiate and use the capacity of Takht-Ravanchi’s presence in New York for as long as this shift is not happening.”

Supporters of continuing the JCPOA in Iran diminishing


A reformist MP in Iran has expressed doubt on the sustainability of the JCPOA and its benefits for Iran.

IRGC naval presence in Iran-Oman joint drills


The joint Iran-Oman Search & Rescue Marine Exercises have taken place on the coast of Muscat.

Iran-Oman new shipping line set to start running in a fortnight


The Iranian Ambassador in Muscat pointed to an increased number of flights between Iran and Oman from 20 to 48 per week, and said: “Shipping lines are also on the increase and a new one will start operating between the two countries in a fortnight.”

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Insights of “Taxi driver” screenwriter on Isfahan


Paul Schrader, renowned American screenwriter, film director and critic is the guest of Fajr International Film Festival (FIFF) in Iran these days. He has been to visit Naghsh-e Jahan Square and found it amazing.

US issues exemptions to work with IRGC


The United States has largely carved out exceptions so that foreign governments, firms and NGOs do not automatically face U.S. sanctions for dealing with Iran’s Revolutionary Guards after the group’s designation by Washington as a foreign terrorist group, according to three current and three former U.S. officials.

Oil hits 5-month peak after Iran sanctions


Asian shares were steady on Monday as investors took stock of recent data suggesting global growth may be stabilising, while oil prices spiked on a report the U.S. is likely to ask all importers of Iranian oil to end their purchases or face sanctions.

Can Saudi Arabia fill the void for Iranian oil


According to an opinion piece in the Washington Post, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo may announce as early as Monday, April 22 that the United States will no longer grant exemptions to countries importing Iranian oil in contravention of the U.S. sanctions. According to the piece, the State Department expects that Saudi Arabia will play a key part in increasing production to offset the loss of Iranian exports and prevent oil prices from rising.

Hadadi wins gold at Asian Athletics Championships


Iranian discus thrower Ehsan Hadadi snatched a gold medal at 2019 Asian Athletics Championships in Qatar.