EuroMillions in Belgium: All you need to know about Friday's extraordinary draw

The jackpot is 130 million euros.

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TheThe EuroMillions draw will take place on Friday at Bruges Town Hall. This is the first time that EuroMillions has left the Parisian studio, in order to pay tribute to the first lottery drawing in history, in 1441 at the Grand-Place in northern Venice. The jackpot is 130 million euros.

“Euromillions raffles are always held in some kind of vault in Paris, it is quite unique to be organized in Bruges,” assures the Managing Director of the National Lottery, Jannie Haek.

The lottery will take place in the Gothic Hall of the City Hall. Several security measures will be taken. A study was carried out for the stability of the room, as well as the level of humidity was checked. During the draw, the bells of the bell tower should be turned off for half an hour to avoid any vibration. In total, five trucks and a team of 38 people will be on site to make sure towing goes smoothly. “

In addition, an exhibition of the National Lottery Collection, Bruges Museum and Bruges Municipal Archives will also be created in the Municipal Archives, to immerse the public in the medieval atmosphere of Bruges. In particular, it will include a representation of the first lottery (“the lottery”) of 1441 as well as the city’s accounts for the year 1441-1442. An exceptional lottery drawing will also be held, with 3 million euros at stake.

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