Exciting earthquake in Munich Do you know Stephanie's daughter?  Here is Camille, breathtaking - Libero Quotidiano

Nobody knows her, at least not yet, but daughter Stephanie de Monaco She looks more and more like her legendary grandmother Grace Kelly. We are talking about Camille Gottliebwhich does not bear any royal title but grandmother’s beauty inherited it all. Camille is the third daughter of Stephanie, born in 1998 after her divorce from her husband, Danielle Ducroix. By the time the princess had already had two children, Louis and Pauline.

After the breakup, in fact, Stephanie was in a relationship with her bodyguard, Raymond Gottlieb, hired by the royal family of Monaco. Camille was born from that relationship. In fact, the two decided to separate even before their daughter was born. Despite not having any qualifications, the young woman is still very busy: she is involved in institutional and representative obligations in the Monaco family, but not only. He also has a real job, To which is added a charitable invitation.

In any case, unlike his brothers, he never had access to the line of succession to the throne, precisely because he was born from a condemned love between two unmarried people. But for her, this would not be a problem at all. Suffice it to say that Camille founded Be Safe Monaco, a non-profit association that deals with the prevention of alcohol-induced road accidents. While on a professional level, the girl works as Marketing Executive in a nightclub in Monaco.

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