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(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, Dec. 05 – A controversy erupted in the United States after Thomas Massey, the Republican Representative representing Kentucky in the United States Chamber, posted on Twitter a photo of six smiling family members holding various types of assault weapons in front of a tree Christmas decorated garlands.

“Happy Birthday. Santa Claus, please bring the ammo as a gift,” is the caption accompanying the photo. A move that drew criticism and indignation from many Democrats and the parents of victims of school shootings, such as the one that just occurred in Michigan, the worst since 2018 (four dead and seven wounded).

John Yarmouth wrote “Scandal”. Activist Fred Gutenberg, whose daughter was killed in the 2018 Parkland shooting, responded by posting a “family photo” of her, alongside that of the place where she was buried.

Manuel Oliver, the father of another victim from the same massacre, said this photo was “a big part of the problem” and “should teach us who to choose”.

There is also disagreement on the part of some Republicans, such as Adam Kinzinger, who stated that “it’s not about upholding the right to have guns” but “the fetishism.” (Dealing).

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