Fuel: For Laurent Berger, help action is 'insufficiently targeted' - 03/14/2022 at 12:17

The executive announced a discount at pump of 15 cents a liter indiscriminately from April 1. The device should be supplemented in the coming months with a scale intended for “big reels”.

Laurent Berger, April 29, 2021, in Paris (AFP / LUDOVIC MARIN)

CFDT Secretary General Laurent Berger estimated on Monday 14 March that the 15 cents a liter pump discount measure announced by the government as of April 1 was “not sufficiently targeted”.

“It is not objective enough to say things very frankly,” said Laurent Berger, who called at the Europe 1 conference to respond to Jan Castex’s announcement on Saturday in the face of high fuel prices.

“There is a scale that is easy for everyone to understand (…), but it is not sufficiently targeted.” “We don’t all experience the pressure of rising energy prices in the same way depending on our income – it weighs less income – and it depends on whether we need (…) to move” with his vehicle to go to work, he added.

Percy promises extra hardware for ‘Big Reels’

With the measure, which will take effect on April 1 for a period of four months, “you get 15 cents a liter of fuel in the same way if you go to your second home for the weekend and need to go 200 or 300 km”, or “if You would spend 30 or 40 km every day to go to work,” he noted.

The CFDT would have liked “special assistance to employees traveling by car to commune-paid work, making it possible to target, with compensation from the state”. According to Laurent Berger, if the government does not choose this option, it is because it is “a bit complicated, and above all requires the mobilization of other actors”.

But the government, through the voice of Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire, indicated that additional measures intended for the “big roll” are under consideration, but will not be implemented for “several months”.

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