Google Pixels will remind you to turn off the alarm on holidays

No more wasting exceptional sleep because you forgot to turn off your alarm: Google Assistant is now able to remind you, before a holiday, to deactivate the alarm on your Google Pixel. A feature that, by its nature, can also extend to all Android smartphones.

Now, thanks to smartphones, you no longer need to wake up your alarm every night before bed. Our cell phone watches have already changed our habits for the better. The resounding alarm is already over: you can choose the melody to gently rouse us from our sleep. Then first of all, it is possible to configure a program so that it starts automatically, at a certain time, only on the required days – usually, all week and not on weekends. The only downside to this system is that it does not recognize public holidays…

It must have occurred to you, at least once in your life, that you would like to take advantage of a party day to sleep in, except that there, a bang, your alarm clock spoils everything. Yes, if you don’t worry about it yourself, he will continue his routine. But the good news: Google has (finally) found a solution to avoid this inconvenience, simply by reminding you to deactivate the alarm the day before the holiday.

The functionality was introduced last March by Mountain View, and is already available across the Atlantic, as a Google Pixel user recently testified on a Reddit forum. In its publication, it was monitored by the specialized site 9to5GoogleHe had already indicated that the day before Canada Day, a national holiday celebrated on July 4th, he received a notification from Google Assistant reminding him of the holiday, thus offering him to adjust his alarm.

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An upcoming feature for all Android smartphones?

When shown through the Glance widget, this Google Assistant notification simply links, if clicked, to the watch app. So the new feature doesn’t automatically deactivate the alarm on public holidays, it invites you to do it yourself. After all, it is better to get up early in the morning, or if you just want to put off the alarm for an hour or two …

Note that this reminder appears to be currently only available on the Google Pixel, but 9To5Google It indicates that it can be exported to other Android smartphones, since it is a feature of Google Assistant. It will be very practical, especially there in the near future for all the Augustans who will at least be able to enjoy a public holiday, Thursday 14 July …

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