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This Thursday, Black Friday began at the largest e-commerce merchants. Up front, Amazon being held in force against Cdiscount or AliExpress. We’ve put together a list of the best deals for tonight.

In just a few years, Black Friday has become the meeting place for millions of French people. This tradition that comes from the United States was imported directly by the Amazon giant. Since then, physical stores as well as French online merchants have completely adapted to it. Below we’ve listed the biggest deals available on Thursday night.

During Black Friday, Amazon wanted to prove to all of its competitors (and all of the French) that it was the only master on board. We must be aware that he has been making huge discounts on all of his products for a week. However, its big competitors AliExpress, Cdiscount, and Fnac have nothing to be ashamed of. The quality of the shows they have given us since Thursday morning is very poor.

Instead of spending hours searching every single merchant site, we’ve rounded up the best Black Friday deals on Amazon et al in the list above. Obviously, the process isn’t all about it. Over a million discounts are offered on Amazon. If you add all the other ecommerce sites out there are tens of thousands of pages full of great tips.

You need to know how to make choices, and it’s up to you to think well in advance about how you can improve your time. For Black Friday, Amazon has created a page that lists all of their offers. However, it is better to sort by categories to get a clearer idea of ​​all the available discounts. If you know what you want, we advise you to search directly in the dedicated bar on the site.

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Amazon hit the nail on the head on Black Friday

Last year, the government asked Amazon to postpone Black Friday so as not to hurt actual merchants who closed their doors. This year the merchant was not tied down and he’s giving us a real fest. But this time, Cdiscount and AliExpress have proven to be more aggressive than previous versions. We were very surprised by the quality of the offerings from these merchants.

Before doing a topo on Amazon on Black Friday, it’s advisable to pass these two outsiders. For example, on AliExpress you have the latest version of the OnePlus 9 which has fallen sharply by 70%, less than 400 euros, in a completely new way. Even Amazon is more expensive at 200 euros, the difference is huge. This scenario is also reproduced on Xiaomi tablets, scooters, monitors, TVs or even on vacuum cleaners.

For Cdiscount, Black Friday is also very dynamic. He decided to deal directly with very special products. See discounts on Nintendo Switch, iPhone, or high-end PCs. On Thursday evening, he even allowed himself to stock up on the Xbox Series X. You can imagine the few units sold out in seconds.

Watch offers on Amazon

On Amazon, Black Friday is the same thing – only bigger. The American e-commerce merchant who reigns as the leader in France treats us with discounts in all directions. Apple, Fitbit, Netatmo, and Nintendo are all popular end-of-the-year brands that are seeing their prices drop by up to 50%. We can only recommend a tour.

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Black Friday is the highlight of the year

The French realized that Black Friday was more exciting than any other commercial period of the year. Already, Christmas is celebrated about a month, which makes it possible to give gifts at much cheaper prices. But above all, the indicated products are very high-quality, which makes them attractive to visitors. Big brands also take part in this festival – unlike sales.

For Black Friday, Amazon directly laid the foundations to be a standout event. So you have discounts on the most prestigious products and brands. With competition growing over the years, Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac, and AliExpress are all forced to do a better job. The French will be looking for the best deals and they are right to take advantage of them.

However, Amazon’s Black Friday has already shown some signs of fatigue. After a week of good work, this morning I launched a real Black Friday with some stock already out of stock. This is the case for a good portion of the Bose product catalog, for example. If you are looking for headphones, amplifiers, and other amplifiers, you will have to draw a line over them.

Between Amazon, Cdiscount and AliExpress, the product catalog is not at all different. That is why we recommend that all of our readers take a tour of each of the sites. Black Friday is really diverse, there is something for everyone. Technology is of course not the only department to benefit from exceptional and unprecedented discounts.

Make “mistakes” after the Christmas holidays

Every Black Friday, Amazon knows people give away the cheapest Christmas gifts. But the problem is, not all gifts will please. The day after Christmas, they end up selling on eBay at much lower prices. This results in a net loss for those who bought it. Instead of doing this, Amazon came up with a great idea for its customers.

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In that case, you’ll be able to find all your purchases you made during Black Friday for free, after the holidays. This is a way to not have to resell your purchases after buying them on Amazon. For comparison, Cdiscount, AliExpress or Fnac don’t let us go that far: the risk is too high. They only have the right to withdraw for 14 days, so you won’t be able to return them after the holiday season. So we advise you to make a good choice so that you do not have products on the arms afterwards.

To do Black Friday, it’s available here:

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