Is there a scenario where KD... stays in Brooklyn?

Since Kevin Durant’s transfer request was requested a few days ago, the NBA world has been on fire and everyone is wondering what jersey KD will wear starting next season. At home, we even wanted to initiate a TrashTalk-style raving by offering 29 packages for 29 franchises, just to get a better idea of ​​each team’s chances of getting a Nets star. However, there is a scenario that we don’t talk about much about but nonetheless not impossible: What if Kevin Durant actually stays in…Brooklyn?

Less than a week after asking for a KD transfer, this is a question that necessarily goes against the core of the news, and may not make sense to some. However, it will likely stay in a small corner of your head for several reasons. First, and we’ve already talked about it in other papers devoted to Durant’s trade order, Brooklyn is in no hurry at all to trade off this phenomenon. KD still has a four-year contract with the New York franchise, the Nets leaders have plenty of time to analyze the various offerings proposed by the competition hoping to acquire the services of the Slim Reaper. We heard it again this morning via a report from New York Post, General Manager Sean Marks will be ready to run the clock on the Durant file and also to run the Kyrie Irving files, which can therefore last quite a bit. Same story by Shams Charania and Adrian Wojnarowski, the two biggest NBA insiders, who recently indicated that nothing is imminent in regards to the transfer. At the time of these lines, according to Woj, the Nets particularly want to make it clear to the rest of the league what kind of package they expect in exchange for Kevin Durant (spoiler, huge package), while Sun tells him no. Late this afternoon “The Nets did not want to transfer the Kuwaiti Dinar for anything other than the historical considerations they are asking for”. So of course, we’re only at the beginning of the negotiation process and it makes sense to see the Brooklyn franchise flexing their muscle to get their hands on this one. However, the fact that the network is in a position of strength inevitably slows down Kevin Durant’s transfer profile.

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Then there were the recent moves by the Brooklyn franchise, which may raise questions about the Nets’ intentions. At the same time he submitted his transfer request from KD, Royce O’Neale arrived at BK in exchange for a first-round pick. Not exactly the kind of move a team about to rebuild would make, with O’Neal being 29 years old in the 3&D wing. Then today, we saw TJ Warren sign a one-year contract with the Nets, a signing that would be totally understandable if… KD and Kyrie stayed in Brooklyn. Warren, the 28-year-old, who has been on the Whites for nearly two seasons, was one of the league’s top scorers ahead of 2021 and could theoretically represent an interesting piece in a title-seeking side. Finally, Australian Patty Mills – KD’s great friend – ended up spilling over to Brooklyn when we imagined him packing his bags after the chaotic season he had just had with the Nets, the one who initially decided to turn down his player option. In short, all the transactions made by GM Sean Marks really only make sense if the current group decides to start again together to try to get the franchise back on track and play for the title next year.

“In their minds, the Nets are acting as if Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will come back next year and make deals based on that. They are open to talks and offers from other teams, but they don’t plan to replace Kevin Durant with anything other than an All-Star caliber player and a slew of other teams. Draft Choices. »

– Shams Al Shaaraniah Ali Pat McAfee Show

Does this automatically mean that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will wear a Brooklyn shirt in Game One of the 2022-23 regular season? of course not. As said before, it is above all a means of better control of the negotiations. But we can’t completely close the door to a scenario where the two superstars will rematch with the net despite all the current chaos. In the past in the NBA and even in other sports, we’ve already seen franchisee players ask for a deal – for example to put pressure on their management – before finally returning to play for their team. Such was the case, for example, for Kobe Bryant in 2007, who returned very quickly to his request before returning to the top with the Lakers alongside Pau Gasol and Phil Jackson. Another example for those who love the NFL, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers looked set to leave just a year ago and then won their second consecutive MVP title under his forever team’s colors. Moral of the story: A transfer request does not necessarily lead to the transfer in question, especially when you have four years left on your contract As is currently the case with Kevin Durant. Could a KD file turn into a Kobe-style resolution and potentially have a happy ending? Situations are necessarily different, and if we believe Shams, Durant has no intention of turning back today. Except that, as we said above, the Positive effect It clearly swings in favor of the Nets, who certainly take into account their star’s wishes but above all want to do what’s best for the health of the franchise.

Despite the major turmoil currently plaguing the Brooklyn franchise, the Nets have one of the most impressive rosters in the Eastern Conference. In theory, the New York franchise has what it takes to play the title next year, so we can legitimately ask ourselves why not go on tour and see what it looks like? In practice, it looks complicated given the big commitments of recent months and the state of relationships between the important members of the franchise, KD, Kyrie, Sean Marks, and franchisee Joe Tsai. As Adrian Voinarowski said,ESPNAnd the It’s probably not the “ideal scenario” for Brooklyn, who would rather collect a huge package In exchange for the two stars for turning the page and really rebuilding on a sound footing after experiencing an extremely stressful campaign from all points of view. But this scenario exists and will continue to exist until Brooklyn leaders feel the time is right to press the red button. This moment, at the moment, has not yet appeared, and something tells us that we will have to be patient.

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We imagine Kevin Durant in Phoenix or Miami or Boston or Toronto. We see Kyrie Irving meet LeBron James at the Lakers. But for now, we are still far from deciding on the two stars. So we can’t rule out the idea of ​​seeing them together again someday under a Brooklyn shirt, which is as unlikely as it may seem given recent events.


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