Jeff Bezos sues NASA over a contract to build a lunar probe

Jeff Bezos He decided to move from negotiations to lawsuits, so that his company Blue Origin could do it Builds the moon probe From NASA.

A few days ago it was reported Jeff Bezos Millionaire discount offered to NASA to be granted a contract from him moon probe.

The show seems to have failed, so far Jeff Bezos He decided sue to me NASA To get the contract that was won by its competitor, SpaceX.

Jeff Bezos calls for NASA to ‘restore royalty’ in awarding contracts

Blue Origin, D Jeff Bezos, reported on Monday, August 16 in a statement that the show the demand Before the US Federal Court of Claims…

“…attempting to correct flaws” in the way the contract was awarded to Space-X

the a contract From moon probeWith a value of more than 57,806 million pesos, it was awarded in April to the company SpaceX, owned by billionaire Elon Musk.

In addition to Jeff BezosOther applicants also complained to the space agency for its decision, reminding them that they had a duty to offer multiple awards.

Similarly, protesters accused NASA After an unfair evaluation process. In that sense, Blue Origin said in its statement on Monday:

“We strongly believe that the issues identified in this acquisition and its outcome must be addressed to restore justice, create competition, and ensure a safe return to the moon for America.”

Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos Inc.

NASA confirms it has been notified of Jeff Bezos’ lawsuit

In a statement, the NASA On Monday, it confirmed that it has been notified of the Blue Origin lawsuit and is reviewing the case.

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In this sense, NASA He remembered what his plans were with moon probe, which are part of the Artemis program, to return humans to the Moon:

“With our partners, we will go to the moon and stay to conduct scientific research, develop new technology, create high-paying jobs for the public good and prepare to send astronauts to Mars.”


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