Larian Studios Wants Baldur's Gate III Released In 2022, 'But There Are No Guarantees'

It was not easy for any studio to set up in times of a pandemic, and if we talk about one that is not overly large like Larian Studios and a development as complex as Baldur Gate IIIObviously, it doesn’t take long for problems to appear. Thus, after several delays and warnings by the Belgian study that the wait will be long, they believe that they will be able to release the final version of this RPG within the next year, but… they cannot guarantee it 100%.

It was in an interview with Gamespot where Swen Vincke, founder of Larian Studios, stated that he is warning those waiting for Baldur’s Gate III that Don’t expect me to leave Early Access this year. As we said, the goal is to launch it in 2022, but “there are no guarantees,” according to Finky himself.

Still waiting too long

“We’re really trying to finish the game for next year,” Fink says. “What is certain is that we will not launch it this year,” he concluded, dropping a jug of ice water in the hope of those who thought the game could be over during 2021.

In fact, according to the same interview, in Larian language They are still developing game content محتوىAfter entering the stage of polishing and eliminating errors. They haven’t released any news for a while since the Druids arrived with update 4, but Vincke promises that the next one is “around the corner” and will focus heavily on feedback from players, so there will be more bug fixes than new content like quests and uncapable characters For toys, items, etc…

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Announced in 2019, this third installment of the legendary RPG series was released in Early Access on Steam in October 2020, creating high expectations coming from the creators. Divinity: Original Sin and its sequels, are two of the greatest classic RPGs of recent years.

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