With only 48 hours of preparation for PSG, Coupe de France’s 16th round challenge for B team… League 1 clubs for Bordeaux in Brest.

Clermont and Strasbourg were the first two Ligu1 clubs to return to training. Within a week of the final day of the championship, Avergne and Alsace were on the bridge since Tuesday, December 28th.

Troyes (starting again today) will bring back, PSG (Kylian Mbabane relaunched a day earlier than he did yesterday).

The Trojans, who will find their new coach (Bruno Irlus) at the resumption, were expelled from the Coupe de France, and Lilly will play their match in the lens on January 4, with only the Parisians playing. 48 hours to prepare for the trip to Vaness (National 2) scheduled for Monday, January 3rd.

For the first match of the 16th (Sunday at 1:45 pm), it was cleared by the Covid and transferred to Bordeaux Priest with the Reserve or U19 team. There are only 7 professional players, including only one defender (Thimotee Pëmbélé).

For the Vannes tour (Monday 3, 9pm), PSG will lose several players. South Americans (Navas, Marquinhos, Messi, Paredes, Icardi and Di Maria) own the rap, and Neymar was injured. Players participating in the CAN (Hakimi, Kue and Diallo) must be present because their release date is set for January 4th.

It has to be done according to the results of the Kovit test to know the players that Morico Pochettino will have for the first match of the season. According to reports from the club in the capital, four of them have tested positive.

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> Full show of the 16th round

Sunday, January 2nd

1:45 pm: State Prestois 29 (L1) – Girondins de Bordeaux (L1), Live on Eurosport 2

13h45: AS Cannes (N3) – Toulouse FC (L2), Live on Eurosport 2

1.45 pm: AS Vitré (N2) – FC Nantes (L1), And directorect In Eurosport 2

1:45 pm: FC Versois 78 (N2) – La Roche Wendy (N3), Live on Eurosport player

4 p.m .: SC Bastia (L2) – Clearmond Food 63 (L1), Live on Eurosport 2

4 p.m .: Montpellier HSC (L1) – RC Strasbourg Alsace (L1), Live on Eurosport 2

4pm: AS Nancy-Lorraine (L2) – State Rennes FC (L1), Live on Eurosport 2

4pm: FC Berkerak (N2) – US Créteil Lusitanos (National), Live on Eurosport player

6.30 pm: Jura Suite (N2) – AS Saint-Etienne (L1), Live on Eurosport 2

6.30 pm Live on Eurosport 2

6.30pm: ES Dion (N2) – State de Reims (L1), Live on Eurosport 2

6.30pm: ESA Linas-Montlarie (N3) – Amiens SC (L2), Live on Eurosport player

9pm: US Chauvigny (N3) – Olympique de Marseille (L1), Live on Eurosport 2

Monday January 3

9:10 pm: OC Valves (N2) – PSG (L1), en diStraight In Eurosport 2 and France 3

Tuesday January 4

9pm: RC Lens (L1) – Lily OSC (L1), Live on Eurosport 2


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