Medjugorje: The last message on October 25, 2021 to the dreamer Marija

Even today, through her visionary Maria Pavlovich, Our Lady speaks words of encouragement and exhortation to persevere in prayer, for it is the only and true antidote to the fear that wants to rob us of our joy, our hope and our freedom to live.

Every 25th of the month, is an expected date and in her letter we find her mother’s comfort. She comes to meet us and tenderly invites us to raise our eyes to the sky, that is our true purpose.

Veggente Marija Pavlovic in Medjugorje – Image web source

Medjugorje, October 25 letter to the dreamer Marija:

“NSChildren! Return to prayer because worshipers do not fear the future. Those who pray are open to life and respect the lives of others. He who prays, little children, feels the freedom of the children of God and with a joyful heart he serves the good of a brother. Because God is love and freedom. Therefore, little children, when they want to set restrictions on you and use you, it does not come from God because God is love and gives His peace to every creature. So he sent me to help you grow on the path of holiness. Thank you for answering my call“.

Maria Pavlovich is one of the Six Dreamers of Medjugorje. She was born in the small village of Sitlock on April 1, 1965. She has been married since 1993 to Paolo Lunetti, has 4 children and lives between Italy and Medjugorje. Maria , We remember him with Vika and Ivan, Still appearing every day. You have received nine of the ten secrets from Gospa.

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