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Chile is already on the field and preparing for the international friendly match.

And I left El Salvador to the stadium to face Chile.

This is what Chile’s dressing room looks like during the hours of the international friendly match against El Salvador.

Chile coach Martin Lasarte will make several adjustments to the match against Mexico a few days ago. The idea is to test all the players called up for this mini-tour in the United States.

Chile are playing these friendlies to continue their preparations for the Qatar 2022 qualifiers. In January they will play that kind of commitment again.

A message from El Salvador in the match preview against Chile.

It is worth noting that the Chilean national team comes from a 2-2 draw with Mexico also in an international friendly match held in the United States.

The Chilean team motivates its fans with this message on social networks.

“We will try to get some of those who entered today or some of those who did not compete to start playing. We will not shy away from the idea of ​​continuing to add information and experience.”

These were El Salvador training postcards before the duel against Chile for the international friendly

Martin Lasarte, who was questioned at various times during the qualifying round, spoke of the opponent: “The information is relative, perhaps El Salvador has a more realistic component, which is the team that usually plays, unlike Mexico, where its players play in the local environment.”

The match is the second that the Chilean team plays in its preparations for the January qualifying match, where it will face Argentina at home, with the duty to add, because the defeat will leave them practically without possibilities in the qualifiers as well.

Hello! Don’t miss minute by minute of the Chile vs. El Salvador is playing a new friendly match before the double qualifiers for Qatar 2022. Follow it on El Comercio.


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