He approaches the tiger to take a picture, but the animal reacts unexpectedly

A pregnant woman poses with a tiger for a photo while she is visiting the zoo. But what the animal does displaces it. Here is the story of Natasha and her Bengal tiger.

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Each of us at least once in our lives had to deal with a pet. Whether you are a dog or a cat, you will have come home after a tiring and stressful day and you will find your baby there waiting for you.

Just when we need it most, our four-legged friends seem to know when they are around to cheer us up. And so we see them rub our legs or jump on us to lick our faces and make us smile. The reason for all this? basic. Animals have emotions too And it seems they can perceive us, too.

A pregnant woman approaches the leopard to take a photo and seems to want to “greet her happy birthday”

If it is true that such reactions are easy to associate with pets, it is also true that when they come from wild species they can leave us confused. Such is the case of the leopard, who seems to have recognized the woman’s erotic state and approached her, drawn from her belly.

Pregnant woman approaching tiger
Pregnant woman approaching a tiger – Viaggi.nanopress.it

Natasha Handshaw, that’s the woman’s name, visits a zoo. Finding himself in front of the enclosure of a wonderful Bengal tiger, he decided to immortalize the moment and take his souvenir photo there with the animal. However, the moment she is about to take a selfie of her, the tiger approaches her as if something is being attracted to her.

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He seems to have drawn the leopard’s attention to the woman’s belly. And in fact, as soon as it reaches in front of the separating glass, the animal begins to scratch and lick the surface in tune with Natasha’s womb.

It is known that animals, such as dogs and cats, use their own language to understand our emotional state: the tiger may have acted in this sense as well.

Obviously, the woman is still displaced by the gesture of this predator. At first he does not know whether to get scared and walk away or to comply with the animal’s requests and stay there. She then decides to bring her belly closer to the glass, allowing the tiger to express his “personal wishes” for the baby’s arrival.

Do animals have feelings too?

The story of Natasha and her tender encounter with a Bengal tiger is a full demonstration of how animals of all kinds are able to feel and express their emotions, just like humans.

Some scientific studies in the past have already shown its ability. In fact, scientists have been working for it for a long time Learn about the body language of some animalsSuch as the movement of the face, eyes, tail, ears and their general position.

Thanks to these observations, we now know that chimpanzees, for example, know happiness and that when they laugh, they hide their faces with their hands.

According to the researcher Jack BanksipMost (if not all) animals are able to experience basic emotions such as fear, joy, anger, or wonder and know how to distinguish between positive and negative sensations just as we do. Thus, emotions help them make decisions.

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Even insects seem capable, for example, of feeling joy. Study published in animal behaviour He actually proved it Even bumblebees know how to have fun. In 2017, scientists at Queen Mary University of London observed these insects that seemed to enjoy rolling wooden balls for no apparent reason.

And even if bumblebees are playing ball, it’s not hard to believe that a tiger can really congratulate us.


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