NASA prepares for final test of Artemis I rocket, next mission to the moon

Engineers and technicians from NASA They are preparing Artemis 1 rocket The agency said about their last big test after they first arrived at the launch pad.

Artemis’ first lunar rocket Special launch system From NASA with Space Orion Above it, it reached the launch pad for the first time on Friday, after nearly an 11-hour drive from the vehicle assembly facility in Kennedy Space Center NASA in Florida.

In the coming days, engineers and technicians will prepare the Artemis I rocket for its last major test, which is Rehearsals with full fuel tanks. NASA said the roughly two-day test will demonstrate the team’s ability to load propellant onto the rocket, run a countdown and practice safe fuel removal on the launch pad.

After the test, NASA will review the test data before setting a specific launch date for the Artemis I.

With Artemis I, NASA Plans to land the first woman and first person of color on the moon and establish long-term exploration in preparation for expeditions to Planet Mars.

With information from Xinhua.

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