Inicia MasterChef Celebrity: llora Paty Navidad y público extraña a Anette

The first edition of the cooking competition MasterChef CelebrityWith the participation of characters from the show, it was full of nostalgia for the absence of some characters who became featured on the show and who were not present.

While broadcasting, name Annette Michel, the host who was not in front of the show for the first time. While that Rebecca de Alba I followed the format by counting at the same time and trying a few dishes, but even then the fans did not stop losing the previous presenter.

Some of the comments made by users of the actress’s photos were also “It only took a second for me to miss Anette Michel” and “I kiss Rebecca de Alba, but I can’t miss Anette”.

The first challenge in the competition was conducted in pairs, among whom were actresses, singers, fitness trainers and influencers. Some of the participants are: Patti Navidad, Mauricio Islas, Jimena Perez “La Choco”, Laura Zapata, Stephanie Salas, Laura Flores and Jose Joel.

The winning pair were journalist Matilda Obregón and singer Germane Monteiro, who formed red and blue teams, respectively.

“She burns them,” “too fast cooking” and “too bad,” were some of the expressions the contestants made when observing their opponents.

The red team was saved by preparing the wild boar with ancho chili. Those who took to the balcony and made sure they stayed were: Matilde, La Choco, Stephanie Salas, Tony Ballardi, Jose Joel, William Valdes, Jorge Araneda and Laura Zapata, while the others had to face the challenge of elimination.

The victory brought Tony to tears and stunned the audience. “I’m so excited to be here and to be part of a group and to be the winner, I feel so protected,” said Ballardi.

Preparing a dessert plate was the task of the contestants in the final stage, where christmas patty exposure. “You were chosen, Patty, because perhaps no one likes you,” Chef Herrera said, causing the actress to cry.

Navidad said, “I am a very sensitive woman, very emotional, but I am not vulnerable. I relate to my past on a project where there was a tendency to influence, which is not the case here.”

This broadcast of the show was recorded before a Covid-19 infection occurred on the forum, which caused Paty and Rebecca de Alba to be hospitalized, so some viewers took the opportunity to point to their closeness as the cause of the infection.

Finally, the first to be kicked out of the night was Javier Vazquez, who lost by forgetting to put the sauce on his cake. In his parting words, the fitness coach thanked the production, but made it clear that he considered his departure unfair.

“I was betrayed by a trust issue and tried to make something so perfect that I only disappointed myself, I made many mistakes, but I consider my leaving was very unfair.”

Other participants who have experienced this experience are actress Alicia Machado, singer Aida Cuevas, Academy winner Dalo, athlete Aristio Cazares, former football referee Paco Chacon, designer David Salomon and influencer Pepchita.

Trips from the premiere:

– Patti Navidad didn’t know how to use a potpourri, her partner Jimena Pérez “La choco” helped her.
– Laura Zapata misspelled “Javali” instead of “Javali” in defiance of tradition.
Alicia Machado called her partner Jose Joel “Jose Joel.”
Aristotle Cazares and Javier Vázquez did not know how to make rice. They asked if the oil had mixed with water before.


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