In case you didn’t do a search this morning on your favorite search engine, the logo for the Mountain View Firm’s year-end celebrations was replaced again on Monday with an animated, interactive doodle titled “Pizza in the Spotlight.” Monday of the week doodles will probably make your mouth water and look toward the pizzeria cards at noon. So, are you ready to play pizza maker and slice the right slices for every pizza?

Today, interactive doodles celebrate one of the most famous dishes in the world and especially in France, of course we want to talk to you about pizza. And if Google decided to devote this day to pizza in all its forms, it is necessary to remind us that on December 6, 2007 the gastronomy of Neapolitan “pizzaiuolo” was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity UNESCO. Google also reminds us that today ” Five billion pizzas (350 parts per second in the US alone) are consumed each year worldwide. No matter how you cut it, pizza is here to stay ».


Back in the game where you’ll lose a few minutes of productivity today, you’ll have to cut every pizza the way you ordered it on demand. The more accurate the pieces, the more stars you earn. For this, you will have 11 pizzas to slice, each of which is better than the following according to gourmets around the world: Pizza Margherita (Cheese, tomato, basil), Pepperoni Pizza (fromage, pepperoni), white pizza (Cheese, white sauce, mushroom, broccoli), pepperoni pizza (Cheese, calabresa, onion rings, whole black olives), mozzarella pizza (Cheese, thyme, whole green olives), Hawaiian pizza (cheese, ham, pineapple), Hungarian pizza (Cheese, salami, bacon, onion, pepper), Teriyaki Mayonnaise Pizza (Cheese, chicken teriyaki, seaweed, mayonnaise), Tom Yum Pizza (Cheese, shrimp, mushroom, pepper, lemon leaves), Paneer tikka pizza (paneer, pepper, onion, paprika), dessert pizza (Endless possibilities).

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And if you are wondering who invented this dish that is eaten all over the world at what time of day, Google explains it” Although stuffed flatbread has been eaten for centuries in ancient civilizations, from Egypt to Rome, the city of Naples in southwestern Italy is considered the birthplace of today’s pizza (dough covered with tomatoes and cheese) in the late 1700s. The beginning of pizza, which is associated with centuries of global migration, economic development and technological change. ».

The big unknown is how many of you will order pizza for lunch or dinner. You will undoubtedly be very many! Buon appetito has it all!


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