Raquel Garrido is absent, the reasons are revealed, Jean-Luc Melenchon intervenes, Eric Nolio steps forward!

Raquel Garrido explained on social networks why she didn’t participate tonight on the set Another ton scale. Jean-Luc Melenchon was involved in attacking Eric Nauleau. The latter immediately avenged!

Eric Naulo and Raquel Garrido fight almost every week in Another ton scale, like last week. The debate was about secularism at school and Karim Zribi was trying to speak up, when his classmate Raquel Garrido cut him off. Eric Nolio took the opportunity to confront the rebel: “Raquel, it’s nothing to respect the host, but at least respect your neighbor who is starting to talk. Thank you so muchThe person did not understand the remark, and insisted:I’d also like a little respect for what’s on my mind“.”i have hair, I have a brain belowShe added. Announcer BTP Try a joke: That’s the problem, what’s on your mind! “

Raquel Garrido misses BTP After a series of clashes with Eric Naulu

And Raquel Garrido insults him: “This Naulleau is all you have, because You’re a misogynist, and you’re sectarianAnd you’re using your counterpower as an animator to fine some of us. Your job is to keep the floor emptyAfter trying to justify the presenter, I succinctly concluded:You’re not a funny guy, you’re filthy, nobody laughs at your bad little valves, people are sadThis Thursday, October 28, former spokesperson for Jean-Luc Melenchon and France is rebellious Announced that she will not be present tonight at Another ton scale. Blame it on his still very strained relationship with Eric Naulo. I regret to announce that I will not be in Another ton scale Tonight. I asked for a change in behavior after the tensions between me and Eric Naulu. Production informed me that the terms of my presence on the show were not fulfilled tonight.“, She said.

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Jean-Luc Melenchon hates Eric Naulo, who takes revenge!

Then the LFI leader engaged in a tweet: “Naulu, the so-called girlfriend of contradiction. Raquel Garrido stood up to him and for that she was kicked out of a hill Another ton scale. Loss of meaning for the show. Goodbye pluralism! natural : Naulu, an activist, says he will vote (Eric) Zemmour to block (Jean-Luc) Mélenchon. And the host from C8 He immediately replied:Dear Jean-Luc Melenchon, if you ask for my eviction during your visit to Another ton scale (Perhaps on the recommendation of your political advisor Patrick Boyson), know it I have nothing to do with Raquel Garrido’s absence. To my best…


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