Reality Stars Battle: Jan Lake vs RTL2 - 'New Low Point'

Reality Stars Battle: Yan Lake shoots RTL2 – ‘New Low Point’

05/12/2022 at 07:23

Jungle Camp: the winners and what they’re doing today

Jungle Camp: the winners and what they’re doing today

RTL reality show “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” It is very popular. There are actually 14 seasons of the so-called “jungle camp”. Among them appeared 14 queens of the jungle and kings of the jungle. We present to you the most famous winners of all seasons and reveal their fate.

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We’ve been waiting a long time for the first big excitement of the new”Reality Stars Battle“The season ahead, it’s now finally here. Wednesday evening (May 11, 2022) there was a showdown between Badboy Jan Leyk And almost the entire rest of RTL2 Starstrand.

What happened? Actually Jan Leyk Only what he does best: behavior. This is how “Reality Stars Battle– Participants prevent their colleagues from securing former star Nina Kristen in the so-called safety game before the next selection.

“Reality Stars Battle”: Yan Lik removes the double gate

A noble goal. Lola for the twins, who also want to be protected from choice and thus try to win the game on their own. It happened the way it was. Resentful that his self-imposed leadership role was not taken seriously, Lake criticized Jacques’ twins. Tall, bearded, tattooed villain vs. little girls. This cannot go well.

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And so it so happened that Leyk messed it up with almost the entire band and got kicked out of the show. If it’s all over for his castmates, it’s possible that the former “Berlin – Day & Night” actor still had to nibble at a bit of the story and reported to Instagram Thursday night.

“Regardless of the fact that formats like this certainly aren’t meant to spearhead in intelligence, it’s still scary how much our society reveals itself in this entertaining show,” Lake says. The 37-year-old says altruism and honesty are no longer worth anything.

‘Reality Stars Battle’: Jan Lake Clearly – ‘A New Low in Terms of Intelligence Rejection’

Well, that worked out completely differently on the show. But Leyk had an explanation for that, too. After all, you haven’t seen everything that actually happened. So the twins could have had the opportunity to take part in the decision, but this did not appear on the show.


This is an RTL2 demo.Reality Stars Battle“:


It was also difficult for Leyk not to discuss depression at all. And that’s despite the fact that there was a “really emotional moment in this regard” that could “give strength and confidence” to those affected. Background: Jan Lake struggles with his fears and is openly committed to education.

Above all, it annoys him that the last episode put him in a bad light. “Acknowledging someone of lacking self-reflection who openly deals with fears, anxieties, and problems for years, who has never hidden that they have to seek outside help and who has embarked on a path of self-criticism down a very difficult path, is a new low even for you in terms of intellectual rejection” .


more of Reality Stars Battle:


Starting next week, Willis Kog can finally be seen in The Reality Stars Battle. Before that, the new mother took off her clothes for Playboy.


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