Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 finally gets the Google Assistant

Galaxy Watch 4 owners can do this Now use Google Assistant. Google Assistant support comes nearly a year after the smartwatch was launched, and Bixby was the only voice assistant available before that.

Samsung says that users in ten different countries, including the US, UK, Australia and Japan, have the ability to install the new voice assistant. Seven languages ​​will be supported, including regional variations such as American English and Australian English.

To get it, you must Download a separate assistant app, which will appear in Google Play > My Apps List. Once the setup is done, you don’t have to say any activation words for the Google Assistant to respond.

This is great and makes more sense for the kind of quick answers you want when using your smartwatch.

The interesting thing to note here is that the Google Assistant user interface in the video above is not the user interface Google showed in the Pixel Watch teaser.

digital trends First I noticed the discrepancy. This made them wonder if their Galaxy Watch 4 experience was “watered down”.

Samsung owners will still have to wait for other Watch 4 features. This includes a new Spotify integration for Assistant and “More Google apps and servicesIt is optimized for Galaxy Watches.

Is Google limiting things to make the Pixel Watch more attractive? Could Samsung require a less capable assistant so its Bixby assistant sounds better? To find out, we’ll have to wait for the Pixel Watch this fall.

Assistant app for Galaxy Watch 4 It’s rolling out now, so check out the list of Google Play apps. You can also search for it on the Play Store on the Watch 4.

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