Another scandal appears to have hit Buckingham Palace now as members of the royal family visit the Caribbean. Let’s see what happened.

Buckingham Palace scandal –

Two royals from Buckingham Palace visit the Caribbean, a former British colony. They are Prince Edward and Countess of Wessex.

New scandal in Buckingham Palace?

It seems that a new scandal is falling on Buckingham Palace. In particular, it may concern a long-standing problem: the problem of the English colonies. The Prince Edward and his wife SophieThe Countess of Wessex flew to the Caribbean on their tour that began last Friday.

The royal family at Buckingham Palace
The royal family at Buckingham Palace

However, the royal family’s tour will not go as planned. In fact, one of the meetings was organized with Prime Minister of Saint Vincent has been deleted. Moreover, the two were supposed to meet Dr. Ralph Gonsalves in Kingstown, DC. The Prime Minister of Saint Vincent announced that the tour would not be able to continue due to health reasons.

The Dr. Gonsalves He said he felt pain on the right side of his body. Because of this, he was concerned and would have to undergo a thorough examination in Venezuela. This is not the first cancellation that members of the royal family have undergone at Buckingham Palace. Grenade’s visit was also canceled with one day’s notice.

The tour was a complete failure

It is unlikely that the planned tour dates Notification several months agoto be rescinded on such short notice.

The truth is that the royal tour of Buckingham Palace was a real fiasco. The Antigua and Barbados Commission criticized the royal family for its comments on slavery. He did so in an open letter in which one can read that the pseudo-philanthropists are angry: the former colonies do not want to be considered simple-minded.

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There were many People’s protests. The eight-day tour of Jamaica, Belize and the Bahamas was described by the local press as a farce.

protests against kings
Protests against members of the royal family –

her round Bring back the old ugliness such as slavery and imprisonment. For this, Buckingham Palace will have to rethink these tours.

“I don’t know how they can go on with this kind of awkward ride, they’ll have to think about doing something else.”

Happy Nigel Cawthorne, Royal Photographer.


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