Serino Pomeccino talks about “Vietnam in intensive care”

“Despite all the pneumococcal, anti-Covid and anti-influenza vaccinations, I developed non-Covid pneumonia which led to me being hospitalized and in intensive care with breathing difficulties. intensive care…. A Vietnamese prison. But it saves your life.” Paolo Sereno Bomisino, former minister and head of the Budget Committee, and a long-time politician, speaks to us Corriere della Sera. He has “two transplants, two bypass operations, and two other small operations including a cholecystectomy” behind him. But the hardest thing he faced was pneumonia. “One hour in the hospital in Gemili and the other last year for a month in Molinet. In addition to a skin tumor that resulted in 35 radiotherapy sessions. I must say that I have already seen Manzoni's God up close, who worries and comforts you. Which connected me very much to the hundred-year-old baby Jesus who is with me in the bedroom and whom I often take with me to intensive care. When something happened, the smell of incense wafted from his clothes. “Amazing thing,” he says. His experiences make him think about the end of life, despite his deep Christian roots. “We have no truth to save souls when the body perishes,” he says, “but when this does not exist, the only human response remains love, an immense and generous charity from which perhaps even the Lawgiver could be inspired.” We must point out the possible path when faced with “innocent pain.” A reason without any answer, in short, “I don’t understand you, but I entrusted you with the matter” from my dear mother.

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